Face Shaving Tips

Shaving Tips & How Tos

Shaving Tips & How Tos

how to trim a beard tips

How To Trim A Beard

Growing and Maintaining the perfect beard requires work. No matter your chosen beard style or preferred length, a little trimming is vital if you want to get impact and definition.

how to grow a beard

How To Grow A Beard

If you’re thinking about growing a beard, there are a few things to consider before you start.

razor burn and shaving rash tips

Razor Burn

Razor burn, or shaving rash, is something we all face from time-to-time. But with the right steps, it can be managed. Discover the causes, prevention tips, and treatments below, and put an end to the discomfort of shaving rash and razor burn.

shaving with acne

Shaving with Acne

Acne can be tough to deal with. It’s bad enough breaking out in angry-looking red spots all over your face, but when throw facial hair into the mix, you need to know the best way to trim and shave it without aggravating your spots.

shaving against the grain

Against The Grain

Should you shave against the grain? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions about shaving.

razor bumps

Razor Bumps

Find out how mastering the right shaving technique and using the right products can help you to prevent razor bumps.

cut throat razor

Straight & Cut-Throat Razors

Considering switching to a cut-throat razor? We’ll help you make the right choice.

how to shave your face tips

How To Shave Your Face

Shaving mishaps can be minimised or avoided if you prepare correctly, have the right tools and adhere to our simple steps to shaving.

wet shaving tips

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving isn’t a new concept, but it’s making a comeback, and it could reduce your risk of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Wet Shaving vs Dry Shaving

Wet vs Dry Shaving

Explore the differences between wet shaving and dry shaving to find the technique that works best for you.


Can You Take Razors In Hand Luggage?

Can You Take Razors In Hand Luggage? 

Certain objects are banned from being taken on board flights for a reason. Knives and other sharp implements are prohibited, so you might be wondering whether you can take a razor in your hand luggage – especially if you’re travelling for just a few days and don’t want to take hold luggage.

how to shave your pubic hair

How To Shave Pubic Hair

Whether you’re shaving down there for comfort or aesthetics, learn how to shave your pubic hair properly with Gillette.

ingrown hair when shaving

Ingrown Hair

While there are treatment options available for ingrown hairs, prevention is often better than seeking a cure. By taking a handful of precautions, most men will find that they can dramatically reduce the likelihood of encountering an ingrown hair.

beard styles

Beard Styles

If you’re looking to take your face-game to the next level and try out a new beard style, then look no further.


Moustache Styles

Showcase your personality through your facial hair with one of our top moustache styles of the moment.

patchy beard

How to Fix A Patchy Beard

Patchy beard growth can be frustrating. But with some clever styling and the right tools, you can fix a patchy beard and disguise uneven beard growth.

shaving myths

Shaving Myths

Bizarrely, shaving is a topic that generates lots of rumours, half-truths, and myths so we’ve taken a closer look at ten common shaving myths to uncover the truth.

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