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How to Shave Your Pubic Hair

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Shaving Pubic Hair

Men can choose to shave their pubic hair for lots of different reasons. Some do it to feel more comfortable, while others shave for aesthetic reasons, or simply because their partner prefers them to.

Some guys just like to shave specific areas or any particularly long hairs that are in danger of approaching their thighs. Others completely remove all of their hair down there.

Whatever manscaping style you decide to go for, here’s how to shave your pubic area for the smoothest, most comfortable finish:

Shaving your Pubic Hair

Step 1: Start with a Bath or Shower

Pubic hair is more wiry than other body hair, so you’ll need to shower or bathe for around five minutes to soften it as much as possible before you tackle it. Softening your pubic hair will reduce the chance of nicks and pulls in this extremely sensitive area.

Showering also cleanses the skin before a razor makes contact. Cleaning both your skin and your shaving tools helps to prevent folliculitis – which can be common – and is caused by bacteria or fungi getting into the hair gland, leading bumps to appear on the skin.

Step 2: How to Trim Your Pubes

Start by trimming your pubic hair using a razor with a fixed comb length – our Gillette All Purpose Styler would be a good choice. Using a trimmer means you’ll be able to access hard-to-reach areas without having to contort yourself into uncomfortable positions!

When looking to trim pubic hair, don’t approach it in the same way you would when dealing with the hair on your head. It might seem like a smaller job, but it requires just as much attention.

Simple things like using the right comb length can help tackle untouched pubic hair that’s grown out of control, either through a lack of maintenance or because it’s never been trimmed before.

The All Purpose Gillette Styler, which comes with three comb attachments (2mm, 4mm, 6mm), is the perfect weapon to have in your self-care arsenal, and is ideal for looking after the finer details.

What’s more, the Gillette Styler is waterproof so you can trim in the shower.

Step 3: Use a Sensitive Shaving Gel

This is the most sensitive area of your body to shave, so it’s essential that you use a shaving gel designed for sensitive skin – check out our guide on why using a shaving cream is so important. Create a lather using our Fusion5 Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel, which can protect and soothe your skin.

Step 4: How to Shave Your Pubic Area

Before you start any pubic hair removal, make sure you’re not about to put a dull blade near this highly sensitive area (ouch!). Use a blade that’s been designed with a smooth, comfortable shave in mind, like a ProGlide blade.

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Create an even surface by pulling your groin skin taut with one hand and guiding your razor with the other. Also, be sure to take care by using light, gentle strokes and you’ll hardly feel a thing.

Keep reapplying your shaving gel as you go, and your pubic hair should continue to be easy to cut through.

One last tip: minimise the risk of infection by making sure you use a dedicated razor to shave your pubic hair that you don’t use for any other manscaping.

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Step 5: Rinse Your Blades Often

Gently rinse the blades after every few strokes, both the back and front sides of the blades, and then gently shake excess water off. Do not tap your razor against the sink or wipe against a towel; these habits can reduce the life of the razor by affecting the intricate design of the blade components. Rinsing the blades under running water helps to remove built-up shaving gel, hair, and dead skin.

Step 6: Moisturise and Recover

Soothe your pubic area after shaving by rinsing away excess hair and applying moisturiser. This sensitive area will need time to recover between shaves, so make sure you space them apart by at least a few days.

Congrats! You Have Just Mastered Manscaping 101!

With Gillette razors and trimmers, your personal grooming possibilities are endless.

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