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Can You Take A Razor in Hand Luggage?

Can You Take Razors In Hand Luggage?

Certain objects are banned from being taken on board flights for a reason. Knives and other sharp implements are prohibited, so you might be wondering whether you can take a razor in your hand luggage – especially if you’re travelling for just a few days and don’t want to take hold luggage, but still want to look your best.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to adopt the unkempt look; you’re allowed to take certain types of razors in your hand luggage on most flights.

Here’s everything you need to know about taking your grooming kit on board a flight:

Can I Take a Razor in My Hand Luggage?

Gillette razors and other safety razors that are mounted within a plastic head are usually allowed within hand luggage.Double-edged blades of any kind are banned from being taken on board flights, and that includes razor blades. However, you are allowed to take disposable razors in your hand luggage, as long as they’re still in their packaging.

You can also take electric razors in hand luggage, but you might have to take them out of your bag as it goes through the security scanner, depending on the airport’s rules around electrical items. This means you can take gadgets like the Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer with you to keep your facial hair trimmed and looking tidy during your trip.

It’s always best to check the specific rules of the airport and airline you’re travelling with before you travel, as these can vary – you should be able to find this information easily online, or give them a call.


Can I Take Shaving Gel or Foam in My Hand Luggage?

You can only carry small amounts of shaving gel, shaving foam and other liquids in your hand luggage, so you might need to take some time to decant bigger bottles into smaller containers before your trip. You can usually buy suitable containers at your local chemist.All liquids carried in your hand luggage must be in containers of 100ml or less, and they must be placed in a clear 1-litre bag, which will be screened separately at security.

It’s worth noting that the shaving gel in a Gillette razor subscription starter kit is 75ml, meaning that it can be taken on flights as part of your hand luggage – and we’ve got more tips on which Gillette products to pack below.


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Travel Grooming Kit Essentials

Feeling your best is important, whether you’re at home or on holiday, and you shouldn’t just stop at your razor to achieve that. The items you pack in your travel grooming kit need to be able to cover all of your facial and body hair styling needs while you’re away, but also fit into your hand luggage.

Here’s our guide to the grooming tools you should – and can – take on board a flight:

1. Wet Razor

If you prefer wet shaving, you can take disposable blades in your hand luggage with you. As explained above, you can also pack a certain amount of shaving gel or foam in your cabin luggage, allowing you to achieve the smooth razor glide that you’re used to at home.

2. Electric Razor

Packing a multi-function electric razor in your cabin bag can give you so many more options than a wet razor. With the Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer, you can trim evenly, shave closely and edge precisely, getting all the benefits of dry shaving and wet shaving with one handy gadget.

It’s small and lightweight, so it can easily fit in your hand luggage, and you can simply take the attachments you need with you. The All Purpose Styler is battery-powered too, so you’ll still be able to shave even if you don’t have access to a plug socket.

3. Shaving Gels and Foams

Whether you’re going for a clean-shaven look or just giving your facial hair a slight trim, make sure you’re using proper shaving products to hydrate your skin and soften your hair before shaving. This will make your hair easier to cut through for a more comfortable shave, and it’ll help to keep your skin in good condition too.

Our Fusion5 Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel is available in a hand luggage-friendly 75ml, and it features our Ultra Comfort Complex to soothe and protect your skin during shaving, so it’s perfect for taking on holiday.

4. Shaving Brush

A shaving brush is another item that you can take in your hand luggage without any issues – their small size means they couldn’t be easier to fit in your bag.

If you don’t already use one in your grooming routine, on holiday is a good time to start. Using a shaving brush allows you to apply shaving foam to your face more evenly, while lifting hairs off your face and massaging your skin at the same time. This is especially beneficial during a summer holiday, as it can help to get rid of dead skin cells linked to overexposure to the sun.

5. Tweezers

Most airlines will allow you to take tweezers in your hand luggage, but always check with yours before you travel to avoid any hold-ups at airport security.

Tweezers can give you a more precise finish than a trimmer, as they’re designed to pull out single hairs at their root rather than simply cut through them. They’re ideal for removing ear hair, nasal hair and facial hair, guaranteeing a neat finish.

6. Aftershave

A good aftershave will help to protect your skin, and soothe and regenerate it after shaving. This is especially important when you’re travelling, as changes in temperature, air moisture levels and sunlight exposure can all take their toll on your skin.

Our Gillette Aftershave Moisturiser is a handy 50ml and includes SPF15, so it’s the perfect post-shave product to pack in your hand luggage. If you’d rather use the Gillette Aftershave Balm, you can pack that too, as it comes in a 100ml bottle.

Whatever facial hair style you prefer on holiday, make sure you know the rules around what you can take in your hand luggage before you travel, and remember that Gillette will help to keep you looking and feeling your best. Read more about looking after your skin on holiday here.



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