Gillette PRO Range

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Our ProGlide razor blades are some of our sharpest blades yet and, with their anti-friction coating, are also some of our most comfortable too.

The Gillette ProGlide razor contains 5 razor blades, which means that each hair can be cut up to 5 times with every stroke for a more efficient shave and a closer trim.

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Fitted with Soft Microfins and a Microcomb Guard

Each Gillette ProGlide razor is fitted in the front with soft microfins that help to stretch and flatten skin for a smoother shave that’s less likely to lead to nicks and cuts.

Each razor is also fitted with a microcomb guard that helps to gently guide the beard hairs closer to the blade for optimal cutting.

Shaving using microfins and a microcomb means you’re less likely to miss any of the smaller hairs on your face for a smooth finish.

A Slicker Shave

Putting the “glide” in the Gillette ProGlide razor, each razor is designed with a cushioning lubrastrip that, once activated by water, releases lubricating ingredients that allow your razor to effortlessly glide across your face with minimal resistance for a comfortable shave.

Designed with An Ergonomic Handle and Flexball Technology

The Gillette ProGlide Razor has an ergonomic handle to provide great control and ease of movement when you shave. Combined with the iconic flexball pivot, this allows the cartridge to respond to the contours of your face effortlessly, so you can smoothly shave even the more awkward facial areas.

Our ProGlide razor blades are also spring mounted, which enables them to move up and down the cartridge for a more flexible and responsive shaving experience.

Fitted with a Blade Stabiliser for A Smooth Shave

A blade stabiliser helps to maintain a consistent distance between each blade, which limits the risk of skin bulges by creating a flatter surface for your razor to glide over. This results in a comfortable shave and reduces the chances of nicks and cuts.

We recommend using it with our 2-In-1 Active Sport Shaving Gel for ultimate comfort both during and after your shave.