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How to Trim a Beard Successfully

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Growing and Maintaining the perfect beard requires work. No matter your chosen beard style or preferred length, a little trimming is vital if you want to get the impact and definition every beard-wearer should be aiming for. Ultimately, trimming a beard is what gives it its shape, so a regular trim really isn’t something you can afford to neglect.

Want to shape your beard and keep your facial hair as neat and stylish as possible? Then follow our simple seven step guide on how to trim a beard:

Step by step

How To Trim A Beard: Step 1

1. Hydrate and Soften Your Beard

The best time to trim your beard is right after a hot shower – this is why the hot towel shave is so popular. Once you’ve dried your facial hair, your beard will be hydrated and easier to cut. What’s more, you’ll also be able to get a better idea of how your beard will look once it’s been trimmed.

It’s a good idea to wash your beard with a specialist beard shampoo, and finish with some conditioning. This will help to soften the beard so you can trim and shape it more effectively.

How To Trim A Beard: Step 2

2. Brush Out Your Beard

Brushing your beard is a vital, yet sometimes neglected, step in the beard trimming process. When brushing, be sure to run against the grain. This can detangle the knots and set your beard up for optimal grooming.

When you brush, look out for an unevenness or inconsistencies in length. Brushing against the grain will help with this.

How To Trim A Beard: Step 3

3. Trim with a Styler

Now here’s where it gets serious. Take your All Purpose Gillette Styler and select from one of the Styler’s three guide combs to get the length you want. At this stage, it’s also important to consider your beard shape. Most barbers will style a beard according to face shape, so take a look at some popular beard styles to get some inspiration.

For the best trimming, try going against the grain. Pull your skin taught and trim in a sweeping motion away from your face.

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How To Trim A Beard: Step 4

4. Trim Gradually

Remember, there isn’t an undo button for bad beard trimming, so start with a longer guide comb before working your way down for the beard length you want. To be safe, start with the 6mm comb, and move onto a shorter comb when you’re ready to engage in some shaping and styling.

If your beard is too long to use the 6mm comb, you should manually trim it to a more manageable length first. Whilst you could carefully use a pair of nail scissors, using a pair of beard shearers with a comb will be safer and give you more consistent results. When it comes to the all-important neck-line, try trimming just above your Adam’s apple. This will help to give you beard definition, while allowing the hair to wrap around your jawbone.

For the best styling, trim your beard shorter on your neck and cheeks. Keep hair longer on your chin to create a fade. Use these beard styles for inspiration.

How To Trim A Beard: Step 5

5. Brush the Moustache

After trimming, brush your moustache hair downward and remove the guide comb to buzz the hair that extends over your lip. Remember, a well-kept moustache should stop before reaching your upper lip.

How To Trim A Beard: Step 6

6. Tidy-up with Scissors

If necessary, follow up with scissors to attack any stragglers head-on.

Alternatively, try using the Gillette Styler’s precision trimmer to create defined-lines and any finishing touches. Many beard styles require leaving some parts of the face completely clean shaven, so it’s important to use a trimmer that can provide a close, even shave. You can also use the precision trimmer to define your cheek line. Often, this involves sharpening up your natural cheek line, which sits between the corner of your moustache and the end of your sideburn.

How To Trim A Beard: Step 7

7. Try a Beard Oil

Use beard oil to keep your beard soft and healthy. A lightweight oil will help keep moisture in your beard hair and skin to soften and maintain unruly beards and moustaches. Beard oils also minimise irritation, so they’re an excellent investment no matter how long you grow your beard.

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