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Why use a beard trimmer?

Whether you’re after a clean and tidy look or a jaw-dropping chiselled chin strap beard, learning how to use a beard trimmer will undoubtedly earn you extra beard style points. In fact, beard trimmers aren’t only for the bushy bearded, they’re also the perfect tool for those looking to get a close trim without having to shave.

Curious about the benefits? Here are three reasons why you should start using an electric beard trimmer:

1. Beard trimming saves you time and money

Shave time off your grooming routine by arming yourself with a beard trimmer! Going to the barbers may form part of your TLC routine, but ever thought about the cost over time?

Why not keep the trip to the barbers as a special event, and keep the regular beard trimming touch-ups to your home routine? It’ll save you money (which you can spend on those essential beard products, of course!) and precious time too.

2. Trim from the comfort & convenience of your home

Trimming beards at home is as easy as… buying a beard trimmer! The pros of learning how to use a beard trimmer are many, but convenience is our favourite benefit.

So, if you’re looking for an impeccably kept beard, the way to guarantee no loose hair strand will ever ruin your look is to keep a handy trimmer on-the-go in the comfort of your own home.

3. Style, shape, trim… the possibilities are endless

With so many men’s beard styles to choose from, why settle for one look? Investing in a good beard and hair trimmer will give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and explore different styles at home.

By using a trimmer, you can choose between different head attachments and guards so you can trim, shape and style the exact look. Plus, with a huge range available, from cordless to multi-groomers, you’ll surely find the trimmer for your needs.

Check out our many beard styling tutorials to find the perfect look for you.

What to look for in a beard trimmer

Before buying a beard trimmer, you may want to look at the different features and options available. Do you need a powerful and reliable trimmer to achieve the best close shave? Or are you always on-the-go and in need of a cordless, easy to wash trimmer that still delivers precise edging?

There are four main types of electric beard trimmers – cordless, wired, dry shave and wet – here’s what to look out for in each of these trimmers to get the best results:

– For a close, even shave

To achieve a close and even shave, pick a beard and hair trimmer made with stainless steel blades. The quality of the blades is really where it’s at, so, whether you’re going for cordless, wired, dry shave or wet models, the first thing to check is the quality of the blades.

– Precise Edging

To achieve a sharp look, choose a beard trimmer with well-designed grips. Beard trimming is all down to precision, so even a small accidental slip can ruin your look. No matter what model you pick, test out the grip and make sure you can hold it firmly and comfortably.

– Exchangeable combs for different hair lengths

The best beard and hair trimmers come with a wide range of attachment heads and guards, designed to be used on different hair lengths. These adjustable combs fit onto your trimmer directly. If you like to switch your look, pick models with a larger variety of attachments. Found your style? Stick to the basics and opt for traditional comb trimmers.

– Easy to wash & waterproof

If you prefer to trim in the shower, consider buying a waterproof electric beard trimmer. These models are designed to be used in water and don’t rust. However, if you love the ease and practicality of dry shaving, fear not, for a lot of dry trimmers can also be used in water and can be easily washed and rinsed off.

Our King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer is suitable for beard and hair styles of any lengths, from buzz cuts and close shaves to trims. With different attachments, a comfortable hold and Braun-powered cordless technology, this electric beard and hair trimmer is easy and convenient to use.

Three things you need to do before using a beard trimmer

Trimming beards is easy if you follow the correct steps. So, now that you found the ideal electric beard trimmer for your needs, it’s time to start prepping before the trim.

Follow these three steps to guarantee a comfortable and easy trim:

1. Wash, hydrate and soften your beard

Before even getting your beard trimming kit out, ensure your beard is clean. Trimming a dirty beard may clog up your electric trimmer, so even if you’re in a hurry – don’t miss this essential first step.

Start by washing your beard with a beard shampoo. We recommend the King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash for a gentle yet effective cleanse. Washing and conditioning your beard will hydrate your hairs making them easier to trim.

2. Brush or comb your beard

Allow your beard to dry a bit and then use a beard brush or comb to sift through your hairs. Our top tip is to brush or comb in a downward motion first, and then upwards against the grain.

By brushing your beard this way, your hairs will stand upright, allowing you to easily see which parts need trimming.

3. Trim your beard using your preferred electric beard trimmer

Now that your beard is clean and primed, it’s ready to be trimmed. If you have a longer beard, start by using a trimmer with a higher guard attachment. This will prevent you from mistakenly trimming your beard too short.

If you want to achieve a beard style of different lengths and shapes, you’ll want to use different attachments. For example, to trim goatee beard styles, use a lower guard on the sides of your temples and cheeks and then a higher guard on your chin.

How to use a beard trimmer on different beard lengths

Electric beard trimmers are designed to trim both short and long hairs. The skill here is learning what guard to trim your beard depending on its length and desired shape.

To get the ideal trim every time, follow these tips on how to shape a short beard or a long one…

How to trim short beards

You don’t have to have a big bushy beard in order to reap the benefits of using a beard trimmer. Trimmers are excellent tools for keeping your short beard or stubble in check.

Want a perennially perfect look? Then use a stubble trimmer with a low guard to get a clean and well-kept look.

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How to trim a long beard

If you have a mid to long beard, then it’s essential to wash, condition and comb your facial hair before using a trimmer. Brush your beard hairs up against the grain so you can clearly and easily spot which areas need trimming.

Beard trimming longer facial hair all comes down to choosing the right comb attachments. Always start with a higher guard to ensure you’re not trimming off more than you bargained for! Then, use lower guards to create definition.

When trying out new beard styles, we recommend using print out images of your desired looks to help you guide where to trim.

How to use a neck trimmer

Trimming the hair on your neckline can be tricky, so ensure you pick an electric beard trimmer that’s ergonomically designed. If you have short hairs on your neckline, simply follow the same tips as with short beards using a low guard evenly.

Alternatively, if you have longer hairs on your neck, use beard trimming attachments with higher guards and, if necessary, work your way down to achieve the desired look.

To get the inside knowledge on, find everything you need in the link below.

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What other tools do you need to trim your beard?

No beard trimming guide would be complete without mentioning the other essential tools needed for a perfect beard grooming routine. We’re talking about beard shampoos, beard balms and oils, as well as brushes, combs and beard scissors.

These items should all form part of your essential beard trimming kit to ensure your facial hair is in top-notch condition. Luckily, we’ve put all these must-haves in one handy kit, our King C. Gillette Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit.

In the kit you’ll find our beard trimmer with 3 interchangeable comb attachments alongside our beard and face wash, ideal to keep your beard clean, soft and moisturised. You’ll also find our beard oil and balm to help you nourish and style your facial hair and, finally, our double edge safety razor.

Ready to give your newly acquired beard trimming skills a go? With the right techniques and beard and hair trimmer, you can achieve your favourite styles with ease and precision. 

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