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Fusion5 Blades, Our Sharpest Blades Yet

Featuring a special anti-friction coating, our Fusion5 blades are some of our sharpest razor blades yet. Regardless of the thickness of the beard, hair is cut with low resistance for a shave that sees the razor glide effortlessly through every hair strand for a straightforward and time-efficient shave.

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Designed for A Closer Shave

The Gillette Fusion5 razor was designed with 5 razor blades for a close and comfortable shave. With only a narrow space between each blade, skin bulges less and is less likely to get caught – reducing the risk of nicks and cuts.

Feel empowered to attempt your closest shave yet. With 5 blades, Gillette Fusion5 razor also provides a more efficient shave with every stroke, cutting your beard hair 5 times over for a long-lasting, clean look.

Fusion5 Blades, Ideal for Hard-to-Reach Areas

Fusion5 blades aren’t just found on the front of the razor. You’ll also find another single precision trimmer blade on the reverse side of our Fusion5 cartridges that’s been included to help trim those trickier areas, including your sideburns, the hairs under your nose, and the hairs around your mouth.

Control with Confidence

Supported by an ergonomic handle which features our unique easy-grip technology, the Gillette Fusion5 Razor offers a high degree of control and precision when shaving.

This user-friendly design means that you can shave with confidence and pull off even the most specific of styles.

A Compatible Razor

The Gillette Fusion5 Razor is compatible with several of our razor blades. Aside from with our Fusion5 blades, you can also use it with our PRO and SkinGuard Sensitive cartridges.

To remove and replace your Fusion5 cartridge:

1.) Press the easy-release button at the back.

2.) Slide the razor handle into the replacement cartridge head.

3.) When you hear a click sound, the cartridge is securely in, and your razor is ready to be used.