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Styling 10 of the Most Flattering Different Moustache Styles

man with a curly moustache

Wondering what beard style might suit you? Well, we’re here to prove to you that all men can pull off a moustache! To begin, find the right type of moustache style for your face shape, then keep it looking in tip top condition by using the best beard products.

Growing a moustache is a great way to showcase your personality, and there’s no reason why you can’t have a bold ‘tache in the workplace if you keep it neat.

From quirky handlebar moustaches and classic pencil styles, to the statement walrus and goatee beards – there are countless ways to make a moustache work for you.

How to Grow a Moustache

man with moustache and stubble beard smiling

When planning to grow a moustache, it’s always best to start with a clean shave. Why? Because it means your facial hair will be at the same starting point when it grows longer.

Patience and regular trimming are key to growing a statement ‘tache. But be prepared to spend a couple of weeks with slightly questionable facial hair until it gets longer and easier to work with.

During this stage, the Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer will be your closest pal. It’s designed to trim evenly and edge precisely, making it ideal for keeping your moustache neat while it grows. Plus it can also provide a close shave, if you ever feel like you need to scrap your efforts and start all over again.

original classic moustache style

1. The Original ‘Tache

The most classic of all the moustache styles is a trimmed ‘tache that sits just above your top lip.

This facial hair style should be simple, clean, and easy on the eye. To keep it looking great, regularly trim your facial hair with the All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer, which gives you the option of three different comb lengths: 2mm, 4mm and 6mm.

pencil-thin moustache style

2. The Pencil Moustache

The pencil moustache is essentially a thinner version of the original ‘tache above. It’s simply a super-thin strip of hair that should outline your upper lip.

You’ll need a shorter comb length to keep this moustache style neat, and you’ll probably need to trim it at least every other day to keep it in check.

handlebar moustache style

3. The Handlebar

A handlebar moustache is a bold look that requires a certain level of confidence to pull off – as well as a whole lot of patience.

It’ll take time – as well as a few scruffy days – to grow the ends of your ‘tache longer than the centre so you can achieve those distinctive curled ends.

Curl the ends using styling wax while you grow a moustache , twisting the edges upwards or into a spiral shape if they’re long enough. But remember to just add a little bit of product at a time to avoid a greasy look.

Get more advice on how to grow a handlebar moustache in this blog.

chevron moustache style

4. The Chevron Moustache

A chevron moustache is meant to cover your whole top lip, with ends that point downwards. This look is one of the best moustache styles for guys with thick growth on their upper lip as you can use all that fuzz for your styling.

To achieve this look, the Gillette Styler will be of huge help, as you’ll need to create some crisp edges and keep them trimmed regularly for the smartest look.

horseshoe moustache style

5. The Horseshoe Moustache

The horseshoe style is the first on our list that involves styling hair below your upper lip.

At the point where your moustache ends, you need to keep growing your facial hair in two long bars to form a horseshoe-like shape.

This is a good style to go for if you’re usually a smiley person. Bear in mind that if your mouth naturally turns down, you could risk making your entire face look as though it’s drooping downwards.

beardstache facial hair style

6. The Beardstache

A beardstache involves growing all of your facial hair, but letting your moustache grow longer than your beard, which you could choose to leave as stubble or as a short beard.

The different interchangeable comb lengths that come with the Gillette All Purpose Styler make it easy to achieve this moustache style – you can just select different lengths to trim your ‘tache and your beard down to.

anchor beard

7. The Anchor Beard

Imagine an anchor shape. Now, imagine that on your face, with the curved bottom part across your jawline – that’s pretty much the shape you want to aim for if you’re growing an anchor beard.

This moustache style is fairly traditional, but with a pointed beard tracing the jawline to accompany it.

It doesn’t suit everyone, so try letting your facial hair grow for a week or so without shaving, then style your beard into a pointed shape to see if it works for you before it gets too long.

walrus moustache

8. The Walrus

Be wary of experimenting with a walrus moustache unless you have a long face shape, or you’ll risk completely drowning all of your features.

To grow a walrus moustache, follow the same process that you would for a handlebar ‘tache, but style the ends downwards, rather than upwards, keeping them straight, not curled.

Beard silhouette moustache and stubble



9. The Moustache with Stubble

When you picture moustache styles for men, you might well think of looks with clean shaven cheeks. While this sort of look can make something like a handlebar look stand out, you might want something with all the casual and effortless charm of a stubble beard.

For this beard style we suggest making sure that your moustache is longer than your stubble for clear definition. To trim any growth across the rest of your face, explore our guide on the best way to style a 3 day beard!

Black and white goatee silhouette

10. The Moustache with Goatee

If you’re a guy with strong growth on your chin, a goatee is a classic facial hair look that’s a perfect match for anyone with a rounder face shape.

Why not join the flair of a marvellous moustache style with the thick jawline that a goatee can give you? Remember to check out our guide on how to shave a goatee beard with Gillette’s great grooming tools now to style it for yourself!



Final Grooming Tips for Growing a Moustache

man with moustache and goatee beard style smiling

Always bear in mind that you don’t want an irritated chin full of razor bumps distracting from your well-groomed moustache – to make sure that your new facial hair grows out smoothly, you simply need to follow some simple grooming tips.

Help avoid irritation while growing a moustache by shaving with the grain (in the same direction that your hair grows in), and use our SkinGuard Sensitive Razor that’s designed especially for sensitive skin. It limits contact between the blade and your skin for a more comfortable shave and reduced irritation.

While grooming the best moustache style for you, remember to always follow up with a post-shave routine to keep your skin protected and soothed.

If you want to experiment even further with your facial hair, check out our guide to the top beard styles of the moment.

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Facial Hair Styles

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