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The Gillette INTIMATE™ Grooming range of products has been designed to work together with a manscaping routine that will help to tidy your groin in no time. This is a range of products that helps to groom the most intimate parts of your body, including your pubic hair. Our intimate hair removal range comes with some notable technology that has been engineered to help men keep their groin and public area well-groomed with products that are specifically focussed on the groin. For example, you can take intimate shaving to the next level with features like SkinShield™ technology. This is found in our German-engineered i5 and i3 trimmers which are designed to adapt to your skin and the shape of your pubic hair area for close comfort.

There again, Gillette's SinglePass™ INTIMATE™ razor blades will provide you with close shaves on the most intimate parts of your body, offering one smooth motion – even when you are shaving the harder-to-reach areas. As such, they make for a great ball shaver option. What's more, our SoothEase™ shaving cream has been designed to help protect the skin in more sensitive parts of your body while making the whole pubic hair grooming routine simple, thanks to our handy 2-in-1 formulas and easy applications that make the whole process of grooming more straightforward.

Unlike most beard shavers and trimmers, the Gillette INTIMATE™ Grooming range is designed to offer men what they need when they're grooming their lower body. Why use products that are designed primarily for chest and face trims and shaves when the Gillette INTIMATE™ Grooming product range is specifically purposed for the groin area? Around half of all men who trim their pubic hair have reported injuring themselves when they haven't used products designed for the job. This is exactly what the Gillette INTIMATE™ Grooming range offers, a suite of products that have been put together to offer men excellent results when they trim or shave their pubes.

Offering safety and precision, the Gillette INTIMATE™ Grooming product range has shaving products, a shaving cream and cleanser as well as Gillette trimmers for all of your intimate hair removal needs. Even if you already know how to shave your pubic hair already, this product range will help you to think again about intimate shaving and why opting for one or more items from the INTIMATE™ range would help to style your pubic hair more straightforwardly.

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