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How to Properly Brush & Comb Your Beard

How to Brush & Comb Your Beard | Gillette UK

Beard brushes and beard combs, what’s the big difference? Well, sometimes it’s all about the fine details – those small things that really have drastic effects. Yes, we’re thinking of that small step we took during the moon landing, or the invention of the miniscule computer chip or the handy paper clip!

So, when we hear people brush off the difference between brushing and combing their beard, we naturally get a little defensive. You see, beard brushes and combs may seem to have similar functions to you, but the difference each tool makes to your beard is staggering. In fact, a luscious, clean, and tidy beard doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires time and dedication and a little helping hand from our beard’s most trusted friends: combs and brushes.

Are you ready to take a small step to a better, bolder, more beautiful beard? Then read on to discover when and how to comb and brush your beard.

When & How to Comb a Beard

Combs are simple little tools. They’re usually made out of wood or plastic and contain small to mid-size teeth that take care of your grooming demands. Yet, whilst this inconspicuous tool may seem insignificant to most, there’s more to the comb than meets the eye!

In fact, most beardsmen know just how unruly and tangled facial hair can get. A good quality comb should thus be in every bearded men’s arsenal of grooming tools.

When to Use A Beard Comb

You should start using a comb once your beard has reached the third month of growth. At this point, your beard is long enough to be combed and evened out into your desired style.

As a general rule, if you have a long beard, we always recommend you comb it first to detangle any knotted hairs and then proceed to brushing or styling with beard products.

We suggest combing your beard at least once a day, that’s to ensure your beard stays clean, healthy and tidy.

How to Comb Beard

Combs come in different sizes and shapes to suit all beards. If you have thicker bushier beards, then pick a comb with wider teeth gaps.

We prefer wooden beard combs as opposed to plastic ones as the latter tend to create static electricity that can frizz our beard hairs. Trust us, that’s never a good look!

Now that you’re armed with the perfect comb, you can proceed to detangling and de-frizzing those unruly facial locks. Combing your beard is not rocket-science, but there definitely are do’s and don’ts to follow. Here’s our top 3 tips on how to comb beards properly:

  1. Start by combing your beard outwards to fluff it. The goal here is to separate your facial hairs so they are easier to detangle.
  2. Carefully comb your beard back down using downward motions. If you have stray hairs after combing, that’s a good indication you need a beard trim. If you have a moustache, start from the centre of your tache and comb out towards the tips.
  3. 3. If you encounter tangles or serious knots don’t pull or yank your comb through them – this will damage your facial hair! Apply a beard product like King C. Gillette’s Beard Oil to help your comb glide through your beard and if you’re still struggling to get through those twisted tangles then start combing from the bottom of your beard and gradually move up.

When & How to Brush My Beard

Brushes consist of a wooden or plastic body and bristles. Wooden brush bodies are eco-friendlier and generally more durable but when it comes down to choosing your brush, it’s really all about the bristles.

There are many advantages to brushing your beard so learning how to brush beards properly can really improve the appearance and health of your facial locks!

When to Use A Beard Brush

Do you have a short beard? Beard brushes work wonders on short beards because they help you guide the hairs into your desired beard shape.

Usually, we recommend you start brushing your beard once it gets to the ‘bed beard’ stage. Brushing it regularly from this stage on will help you grow a neat, tidy beard that can be more easily styled into shape.

You can brush your hair daily, but always brush you beard when it’s dry to avoid breakages. Wet hair is slightly more prone to tearing and snapping if pulled.

How to Brush Beards

Learn how to Brush & Comb Your Beard | Gillette UK

First things first: pick the perfect brush for you. When choosing your beard brush, it’s all about the bristles. Beard brushes can be made with natural or synthetic bristles.

Natural brushes usually consist of boar, horse or badger hairs and work really well in spreading your skin’s natural oils through your beard. Synthetic brushes are made of materials like plastics and are a great option for those of you who are animal friendly.

Brushes come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a practical brush that can easily be packed for travelling, opt for a more compact brush. But if you have a big beard, we recommend you stick to larger brushes that can get the job done quicker and with better results.

Once you’ve picked the perfect brush, it’s all about the technique. Here are our 3 top tips on how to brush your beard:

  1. Apply beard oil first, then brush. Beard oils help keep your beard stay healthy and well-maintained. Brushing your beard will ensure the oils are spread evenly throughout your beard.
  2. Brush slowly and with the grain. Start with the sides of your face and brush downwards towards your chin. If you can feel resistance, don’t pull or jam your brush. You might have some hidden knots in your beard – it is best to remove them using your comb again.
  3. To style your beard into your desired look brush in some beard wax or balm. You can use King C. Gillette’s Beard Balm which is packed with nourishing ingredients that also help you style your beard in the desired look. Remember to clean your brush bristles regularly. We recommend you ‘dry clean’ it using another smaller brush or comb to get the dirt out.

How to Comb and Brush Your Beard: Mastered

Now that you’ve mastered how to comb and brush your beard, you’re one step closer to having the perfect beard you’ve always wanted. Learning to use a beard comb to detangle and the brush to style and clean your beard is a positive step towards a great beard grooming routine. Keep it up!

Do you comb or brush your beard?


What is the best way to shape a beard?

Using tools like beard combs and brushes can help you shape your beard with more ease. Apply your favourite beard balm or wax and then brush it in evenly shaping your facial hair in the desired look.

Can I use my hair comb as a beard comb?

The reason why you should use combs designed for beard use is because of the comb’s teeth. Teeth on hair combs may not be spaced enough to glide through your beard’s coarser hairs. If you use the wrong comb hair width you may end up damaging your beard by pulling on the hairs.

What’s the main difference between beard brushes and combs?

The main difference, apart from the obvious difference in shape and size, comes down to when and how one should use each tool. As a general rule, you should comb your beard first to detangle any knotted hairs and then use a brush to style it into place.

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