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Discover which Gillette razor is bestfor you with our selection of uniquely designed handles and blades. Whether you have a specific requirement, like sensitive skin, or just want to experience the luxurious sensation of shaving with a heated razor - there’s a Gillette razor out there for you!

The Best Gillette Razor for Sensitive Skin

Shaving should be an activity enjoyed by all men - which is why we’ve introduced the SkinGuard Sensitive Razor.

Clinically proven for men with sensitive skin and infused with a touch of aloe, the SkinGuard sensitive razor has been specifically designed to prevent irritation and razor bumps on sensitive skin.

Its blades are specially spaced to minimise the risk of tug and pull, while enhanced lubrication before and after each blade (vs. previous SkinGuard models) helps to prevent irritation.

It also comes fitted with our unique SkinGuard to reduce blade pressure on the skin, flattening skin out whilst pushing your hairs up for a more comfortable shave.

The Best Gillette Razorfor a Close Shave

If you want that smooth, close-shaven look, you need a razor that’ll cut through even the thickest of beard hairs. That’s where the Fusion5 Razor comes in.

With 5 anti-friction blades, the Fusion5 razor boasts Gillette’s sharpest blade edges. Each blade thinner than a scalpel, its unique design easily glides through varying hair thickness with low resistance for a close shave that lasts.

The Best Gillette Razor for a Classic Smooth Shave

When it comes to iconic designs, the Mach3 razor is a certified classic.

This attractive razor boasts 3 blades that are stronger than steel and a simple, easy-to-use handle for a clean and smooth shave.

The Best Gillette Razorfor the Trickier Corners

Shaving the contours of your face can feel like quite the mission and may result in hairs being missed. With our PRO range, though, shaving facial contours will be a problem of the past.

Designed with an ergonomic and intuitive Flexball handle, this razor offers great grip and control for a high-precision, comfortable shave that gets virtually every hair.

Choose between our ProGlide razor or, for even more comfort, our ProShield razor with added lubrication both before and after the blades.

The Best Gillette Razorfor a Soothing Shave

For a truly relaxing shave, indulge yourself with our Heated Razor.

Fitted with an adjustable warming bar and designed with FlexiDisc technology, enjoy a shave that offers a soothing and warming sensation on every stroke.

A Razor that Exfoliates

For a shave that not only feels smooth but looks after your skin, consider using our razor with a built-in exfoliating bar.

Everyday dirt and debris on the skin surface can get in the way of your blades’ path. Exfoliation can help, but not everyone wants to add another step to their shaving routine.

This exfoliating razor combines shaving and exfoliating into one efficient stroke, making looking after your skin and beard as easy as washing your face.