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Gillette Shaving Tech Innovation

Gillette Shaving Tech Innovation
Writer and expert3 years ago
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We’ve seen a lot change in the 120 years since our founder King Camp Gillette brought his original safety razor to the market. But despite the passing of time, that same innovation and creativity still underpins every razor, blade and shaving accessory we create.

From the first razor designed especially for men with sensitive skin (Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive) to the luxurious GilletteLabs Heated Razor, we're continually evolving our collection, and we’re delighted to be going into 2021 with some incredibly exciting changes to our iconic ranges.

At Gillette, we’re excited to be kicking off our 120th year with sustainable packaging for our razors and blades, as well as upgraded shaving technology across our 5-bladed range.

Sustainable Packaging

We’re extremely proud to be able to say that Gillette have made solid efforts to lead the way in the male grooming market, thanks to our sustainable packaging across our collection.

All packaging across our razor packs, including inside trays, is now fully recyclable and made from at least 50% recycled materials.

Redesigned Razor Handles

We’ve also redesigned our razor handles to kick off the new year; they still retain their much-loved iconic features, such as FlexBall technology (found on our SkinGuard Sensitive FlexBall Power, ProGlide, ProShield and ProShield Chill razors), but they’ve undergone a modern makeover to make them a little sleeker.

Upgraded Shaving Technology

Another change across our collection is the launch of upgraded shaving technology for every 5-blade Gillette razor, meaning customers will be able to enjoy a great shave in 2021, as we bring 120 years of innovation to life. Our upgraded range will now feature Gillette’s lowest cutting force blade edge technology, designed to cut hair with less tug and pull for great closeness and comfort.

For more than a century, we’ve prided ourselves on providing superior products and brilliant value, and we’re proud to be continuing to do so, allowing you to put your best face forward, whatever life throws at you.

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Writer and expert
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