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The Dos and Don’ts of Male Intimate Grooming

The dos and don'ts of intimate grooming | Gillette UK

When it comes to male intimate grooming, there are a few things to consider that go beyond your usual shaving regime. If you simply apply the same techniques you would for trimming your head or shaving your facial hair, then you may find you don’t achieve the results or the style you are looking for.

In this guide, you will learn about best practices related to intimate grooming and the common pitfalls to avoid whether you are trimming or shaving your pubic hair.

Things You Should Do With Male Intimate Grooming

Things you should do when male intimate grooming | Gillette UK

  • Do set aside enough time for male intimate grooming since this isn’t something to rush.
  • Gently exfoliate your pubic hair to remove dead skin before trimming or shaving.
  • Shower and dry your pubic hair with a towel before trimming since this will soften them, making trimming easier.
  • If you are going to shave your pubic hair, then it is always advisable to trim your pubes first since this will make it easier to see what you are doing and for your razor to cut through .
  • When trimming pubes that haven’t been cut before, set your trimmer’s comb length to a high setting and remove your pubic hair in stages until you get the length you want.
  • Always apply a liberal amount of shaving gel, cream or foam to your pubes to help reduce friction when shaving. If you need to add more part-way through the shave, then do so.
  • Make sure your razor is sharp and clean before you begin shaving. The SimplePASS™ INTIMATE™ razor blades are ideal for this sort of job.
  • Rinse your razor blades after every stroke or two. This will help to remove excess foam and debris ensuring the blades are in the best condition to shave effectively.
  • Have a hand mirror at your disposal to help you style and shape your pubic hair to desired appearance.
  • If you are grooming yourself over a shower tray or bath, then always use an anti-slip mat to help prevent accidents.
  • Do gently stretch out your skin by hand – for example when shaving your balls – to help you shave or trim it neatly.
  • Shower after trimming or shaving your pubes so that all of the cut hairs are able to escape, and the intimate areas of your body are wettened.
  • Help your pubic area’s skin to lock in its natural moisture by applying a suitable moisturiser product.
  • Clean your trimmer and razor blades after every use in water. Allow them to dry out naturally.

Things You Should Avoid With Male Intimate Grooming

Things you should avoid with male intimate grooming | Gillette UK

  • Don’t shave your pubic hair without first having trimmed it, ideally with a trimmer suited to the job, such as the Gillette i3 INTIMATE™ trimmer, for example.
  • Don’t be overly concerned about shaving ‘with the grain’ with male intimate grooming since it is trickier to do this in hard-to-reach parts of the body. Focus on achieving a neat look instead.
  • Don’t push down hard with your trimmer or your razor blades since there is no need if you have the right tools for the job. Minimal pressure is enough.
  • Don’t continue to shave if your razor blades are becoming dull . Change them instead.
  • Don’t use your hair trimmer or face shaving razor on the intimate parts of your body. Instead, use a dedicated set of tools, like the INTIMATE™ i5 trimmer.
  • Avoid trimming or shaving over broken skin because this will likely end up in making the situation worse.
  • Never trim or shave your pubes if you know you have a skin infection, whether it is bacterial or fungal.
  • Don’t share your razor or trimmer with anyone else, even your partner, to help avoid transferring unwanted material between you.
  • Avoid tapping on your razor blade head to remove cut hair and shaving foam since this can dislodge the blades from their mountings. Rinse as you shave instead.
  • Don’t pull your skin hard to flatten it out since this may cause an injury. When flattening skin, err on the side of caution.
  • Don’t use abrasive soaps or harsh exfoliants after shaving or trimming. Apply a non-scented soap by hand before moisturising.
  • Never apply an alcohol-based eau de Cologne to your pubic area after shaving – stick to moisturisers instead.
  • Don’t use talcum powder to dry yourself after showering your trimmed pubic area. Use a towel and dry naturally.
  • Avoid strenuous work or exercise for a few hours afterwards so that you don’t become sweaty and put your skin under pressure.
  • Don’t wear heavy clothing or tight-fitting underwear that might irritate you after shaving or trimming your pubes.



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