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Jojoba Oil, Ideal for Blemished Skin

Benefits of jojoba oil for your skin and beard health | Gillette UK

Discover the many benefits of jojoba oil for your skin and beard health.

Although it may sound surprising, the texture of jojoba oil is similar to a wax that solidifies at low temperatures. It is extracted from the fruit of the jujube tree, a shrub native to northern Mexico, the Arizona desert and southern California. Found in many cosmetic products and in particular in beard oils, it is recognised for its sebum-regulating, moisturising and purifying properties.

How Can I Use Jojoba Oil on My Face?

We spoke to Angélica Alcantara, a naturopath specialising in phytology and aromatology in Paris, and this is what she had to say:

“Jojoba oil has the particular characteristic of having a fatty acid composition very close to that of the sebum naturally produced by human skin”.

This characteristic explains why the product is so well tolerated by the skin.

Angélica informs us that “jojoba oil will regulate the production of sebum and prevent the appearance of imperfections by hydrating the skin without blocking the pores”.

This makes it ideal if you have oily skin or you tend to suffer from acne.

It also acts as a protective film against external stresses such as pollution, the sun or the cold.

To apply, warm a few drops of oil in your hands and gently massage your cleansed face. Used in small quantities, jojoba oil, thanks to its wax-like texture, penetrates quickly and does not leave a greasy residue. This moisturising technique will stimulate circulation and provide anti-ageing action for facial skin.

Angélica goes on to say that “the antioxidants naturally present in its composition will prevent skin ageing and improve the suppleness and quality of the skin by activating the production of collagen”.

Benefits of jojoba oil for your skin and beard health | Gillette UK

A Beautiful, Healthy Beard with the Help of Jojoba Oil

Whether you have a three-day beard or a longer beard, jojoba oil will improve the quality of the hair. “The beard is moisturised, the coarse hair becomes more supple, and from an aesthetic point of view, you get a shine without a greasy effect”, explains the specialist.

The oil will act on the quality and consistency of the beard by replenishing certain areas with less hair.

“Jojoba oil strengthens the hair follicle without obstructing the sebaceous glands to which they are connected. This action, combined with regular massage, stimulates hair growth,” Angélica Alcantara explains.

Effective Against Itchy Beards

An itchy beard is generally due to a lack of moisture or, in some cases, due to the proliferation of bacteria on the epidermis. Thanks to the antibacterial action of jojoba oil, the skin is purified and moisturised. “These properties also soothe any irritation caused by repeated use of a razor and prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs,” concludes the naturopath.

Use it in the morning and/or evening, taking care not to overlook any area of your beard. You can use the oil left on your hands to treat your hair. A few drops of jojoba oil massaged into the scalp will have a rebalancing effect on hair that regrows quickly.

Camille Moreau

Camille Moreau

Writer and expert