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6 Ways to Style Your Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair Styles: 6 Ways to Shave Your Pubic Hair | Gillette UK

We often shave our facial hair into different styles to showcase our personality, but what about your pubic hair?

Your pubic hairstyle can say a lot about you. Manscaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there’s a wide range of styles you can choose from to find an intimate hairstyle that suits you:

1. Natural, But Trimmed

Pubic Hair Styles: Natural, But Trimmed | Gillette UK

If you like a natural, traditionally masculine look, let your pubic hair reign – just make sure you’re keeping it in check with regular trimming so it doesn’t look too wild down there.

The Gillette All Purpose Styler isn’t just for trimming and styling your facial hair, but also your body hair, including your pubes. Just make sure you’re changing the blades and cleaning the shaver thoroughly when you’re switching between areas…

2. The Pilot

Pubic Hair Styles: The Pilot | Gillette UK

The female version of this intimate hairstyle would be known as ‘the runway’ or ‘landing strip’ – it’s essentially a trimmed strip of pubic hair that points towards your penis.

This pubic hairstyle is quick and easy to create and doesn’t require too much maintenance. Just remember that when you’re creating a clean shave around the pubic hair that you’re keeping, always lather up with a shaving gel and shave with the grain (that’s in the direction that your hair’s growing) to reduce the risk of unsightly, uncomfortable razor bumps.


3. The Arrow

Pubic Hair Styles: The Arrow | Gillette UK

The arrow pubic hair style speaks for itself. If you want to create an accurate arrow shape, use an eyeliner pencil to draw around the area you’d like to shave before you begin trimming.

4. Geometric Shapes

Pubic Hair Styles: Geometric Shapes | Gillette UK

Shaving your pubic hair into a geometric shape such as a square, triangle or even a circle can be a quirky way to style your hair down there if you want a look that’s a little bit different.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you might even want to shave an initial, such as the first letter of your partner’s name for a fun touch.

5. The Love Heart

Pubic Hair Styles: The Love Heart | Gillette UK

This one’s a little bit corny, but if that’s the kind of relationship you have with your other half, this can be a fun way to show your love. Why limit yourself to wearing your heart on your sleeve when you can put it right there?! 

6. The Hollywood

Pubic Hair Styles: The Hollywood Cut | Gillette UK

Sometimes also known as the Brazilian, the Hollywood has become one of the trendiest intimate hairstyles in recent years. To create the Hollywood, you need to shave everything off so your pubic hair is completely clean-shaven.

Of course, this look is a little bit more high-maintenance, but you can find out everything you need to know about getting a clean shave down there here:



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