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World Beard Day: Time for Beards to Shine

World Beard Day: Time for Beards to Shine
King C Gillette
King C Gillette4 years ago
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World Beard Day sounds like our kind of day. Marked on the first Saturday in September each year (that’s Saturday 5th September in 2020), World Beard Day is a chance to celebrate the mighty beards, the wispy beards, the long beards and the barely-there beards, the goatee beards, the hipster beards and everything in between.

The specific origins of World Beard Day are unknown, but beards have been celebrated since Viking times.

Celebrating the beard is at the heart of everything King C. Gillette stands for. We want bearded guys to feel as confident and comfortable as possible behind their statement facial hair, which is why we developed our range of trimming, styling and beard care products.

What We Love Most About Beards

Beards are brilliant for so many reasons - in honour of World Beard Day, we’ve narrowed down these down to just a few.

two men with hipster beards

A Subtle Way to Show Your Personality

A beard can be a clever, subtle way to showcase your personality without you having to verbally introduce yourself and discuss your interests.

Quirky yet well-groomed facial hair can hint at your personality even without taking your clothes, shoes or hairstyle into account.

There are several styles that can reflect a personality well, including a handlebar moustache or a hipster beard.

A Great Way to Change Up Your Look

The ability to grow a beard means you’ve always got a way to change up your look, as long as you’ve got a good beard trimmer to hand. With a choice of three combs and 11 different length settings, the King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer is perfectly primed to help.

Possessing a beard means you’ve got a world of facial hair options at your trimmer tips. You may wish to keep it and make it your signature look or you might prefer to switch up your look from one month to the next, perhaps in line with the seasons.

When you’ve got a beard trimmer you can rely on, you can go from a hipster beard to a short boxed beard to a goatee in a matter of weeks - or even days.

You also need to make sure you’ve got the right tools in your arsenal to frame your facial hair with neat, clean-shaven areas, such as the King C. Gillette Double Edge Razor and King C. Gillette Neck Razor.

A Good Excuse to Pamper Yourself

Beards require regular care, so growing and nurturing some signature facial hair is a good excuse to pamper yourself, as you’ll need to spend a little time on self-care and grooming every day.

Your beard needs washing as often as you wash the hair on your head if you want to keep it in good condition - and why wouldn’t you? - so treat yourself to a specially designed beard shampoo, like our King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash. This 2-in-1 beard product contains a touch of argan oil, avocado and coconut water, as well as mild cleansers to help remove dirt, oil and debris from your beard and face.

In order to maintain that perfect style, try our King C. Gillette Beard Balm or King C. Gillette Beard Oil every few days to provide your facial hair with extra nourishment.

Our beard balm is designed to help to condition your beard and tackle stray hairs to keep your beard looking on point at all times. With our beard oil, you can help to nourish and soften your facial hair, thanks to a formula that contains a touch of avocado oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and argan oil.

Each of our beard care products is also scented with our signature King C. Gillette fragrance, so you can make sure your facial hair smells great all day long.

Learn more about our signature fragrance here:

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King C Gillette
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