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Men’s Pubic Hair Styles: How to Trim Pubic Hair

Men’s Pubic Hair Styles: How to Trim Pubic Hair
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There are loads of reasons why guys might want to tidy the downstairs region up a bit and trim their pubic hair. Grooming and trimming your pubes regularly can help you feel more comfortable and prevent unwanted hairs from poking out of clothing.

While some guys prefer to go the full hog and shave their short and curlies straight off, this approach isn’t for everyone. An electric pubic hair trimmer can help you avoid the risk of shaving rash or simply the prickly feeling you could get from shaving. It could also leave you enough hair to allow for a range of flattering pubic hair styles and shapes.

Like all body hair grooming, learning how to trim your pubic hair takes a little time and practise. As your netherhair region is the most sensitive area on the body, you’ll want to trim your pubic hair carefully. A watchful eye and a bit of know-how can help you steer clear of ingrown hairs, nicks, or painful cuts when trimming pubic hair.

So, before whipping out those kitchen scissors and risking injury to your pride and glory (you wouldn’t have been the first!), check out the best men’s pubic hair styles and our tips for trimming and shaping your pubic hair perfectly every time.

How to Trim and Shape Your Pubic Hair - Without Making a Mess

ow to Shapes Your Pubic Hair | Gillette UK

1. Pick a Location

If you’ve got a bath or large shower in your home, we’d recommend trimming your pubes in there, keeping the water off for now to allow for an easy clean up at the end. You’ll also have an easier time shaping your pubes while they’re still dry, otherwise the hair will flatten out as it gets wet and it can be a little tricky to see which areas need more attention.

If you don’t have a bath, lay out a towel in the bathroom so that the hair all falls in one place. Afterwards, you can easily tip the trimmed hair into the bin.

If you wanted to shave your pubic hair without causing unnecessary irritation, then we’d recommend turning the water on in the bath/shower and letting it steam up in there before you begin shaving. This will soften the hairs, help you get a closer shave and leaving less chance for any nicks or cuts while shaving your pubic hair.

2. Decide on a Pubic Hair Style

Next, you’ll want to decide how you want the end result to look when you’ve finished trimming. Choose from a range of shape ideas and shaving designs for men’s pubic hair. Everyone is different, so you could pick a pubic hair shape that expresses your personality, or simply the style that seems most comfortable!

  • Lion’s Mane

For this popular men’s pubic hair style, you’ll want to trim all around the pubic area, including balls, but leave a small-ish ‘mane’ of hair just above your shaft. In terms of shaping, think upside-down triangle, with the hair appearing to slightly taper as it reaches the shaft. Don’t worry about making this too neat, mind – the lion’s mane is all about being a little rough around the edges. This pubic hair shape can create the illusion of a larger penis.

  • Landing Strip

This one’s certainly a statement. Apply a very close trim above your penis, but leave a vertical strip of hair leading up from your shaft. This one is all about neatness and precision. For a horizontal landing strip, trim everywhere except a neat, horizontal patch just above your shaft.

  • Brief Encounter

Simply trim all the areas of pubic hair that would stick out if you were wearing a pair of very tight speedos. Pay especially close attention to longer, dangly hairs near your thighs, and the hair above your penis leading to your snail trail, as these are more prone to stick out.

  • Billiard Balls

It’s all in the balls. Apply a close trim to your balls (taking extra care, as testicles are obviously very delicate). You can leave the rest of your pubic hair au naturel.

  • Trimmed Tresses

If you trim your pubic hair often, this one’s time-effective and easy to complete. Simply trim all areas of pubic hair evenly, including your inside thighs, for an all-round neat and tidy appearance. This simple approach is a lot of men’s preference for pubic hair style, as it doesn’t take long to complete but can leave you feeling fresh, comfortable, and confident.

3. How to Trim Your Pubic Hair

Investing in a good quality electric pubic hair trimmer is a real game changer when you’re removing pubic hair without shaving. The Gillette All Purpose Styler is perfect for trimming your pubes, because you can choose out of three convenient comb lengths: 2mm, 4mm, or 6mm.

If you’re trimming your pubic hair for the first time with a shaver, we’d recommend starting on 6mm to see what it looks like before going any shorter.

If you’re trimming your balls, the inside of the thigh, or your bum, you’ll want to use a small compact mirror to ensure you always know where you’re going. Hold the Styler with your dominant hand and your mirror with the left, tilting it upwards for a better view of your junk.

Some people might tell you to trim against the grain or the direction of hair growth for better results – but we wouldn’t recommend this. Even though you’re not applying a close shave, removing your pubic hair against the natural direction of hair growth can lead to excessive skin irritation. If areas of pubic hair aren’t initially cutting as smoothly as you’d like, try holding the nearby skin taut and slowly applying the shaver comb downwards again onto the hairs. Slow and steady gets the job done!

4. Aftercare for Trimming Your Pubic Hair

After you’re happy with your pubic hair shape and length and you’ve chucked any dry hair trimmings in the bin, wash your body with a moisturising soap. You can also trim off any remaining pubes you might have missed with your Gillette Styler while you shower – it’s 100% waterproof!

Dry off, then apply ultra-refreshing Gillette Aftershave Moisturiser, which is perfect for hydrating and soothing your skin after trimming pubic hair.

Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy feeling ultra-comfortable and confident with your pubic hair neat and freshly trimmed.


What’s the best way to remove pubic hair at home for men?

Trimming using an electric styler is a great way to remove men’s pubic hair at home. Trim, shape, and style in the bath, before disposing of dry hair cuttings. Then wash and hydrate your pubic hair area using Gillette Aftershave Moisturiser.

What do you do with men’s pubic hair?

Men’s pubic hair can be groomed into a variety of styles and shapes using the Gillette All Purpose Styler. Trim between 2mm and 6mm lengths for neat and tidy pubic hair.

How short should you trim men’s pubic hair?

The length you trim your pubic hair to is all about personal choice – begin using the 6mm comb on the Gillette All Purpose Styler to get an idea of what it’ll look like, then adjust to 4mm or 2mm if you’d like it shorter.

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