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How To Get an Even Tan, Even Under Your Beard

A young man with a beard laughs with his partner on the beach

Can you tan evenly all over your face when you are a bearded man? To help you answer this highly philosophical and scientific question about UV and hair, and find the right solution for having a beautiful summer, here is a straightforward yet expert guide to the subject.

Many men wonder if they should keep their beards in the summer. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for men to ditch their thick beards (warmer than a woolly hat!) in favour of a clean-shaven look during the sunny season. The heat of summer invites sweat to lodge in the longer hairs and can quickly become an annoyance for bearded men. And while most men have no problem reverting to being beardless, some find themselves with an embarrassing tan line where their facial hair used to be.

So are beards as effective at blocking UV rays as sunscreen? Can you still get a tan on your chin and cheeks if you have a 3-day beard? Let’s find out!

Beard and Sunscreen

Having a beard does not mean you should skip applying a product before exposure to the sun. It’s no secret that too much exposure to UV rays is not good for your skin, beard or not! The most common risk is sunburn, but scientists also point out the broader effects on long term skin health and appearance (wrinkles!!) from unprotected sun exposure.”

It should also be pointed out that the sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays don’t only hit you when it’s 30 degrees and you’re taking it easy on a beach (the same goes for snowboarding on the slopes)… Ultraviolet rays also hit your skin on days with a little sunshine, even when it’s cloudy.

On a daily basis, a day cream with SPF protection is sufficient. However, if the sun is stronger or if you are exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods, it is important to apply sunscreen with a high SPF to your entire face, including your 3-day beard!

Sunscreen should be applied to a three-day beard for an even tan.

To Shave or Not… Before the Holiday Starts!

In truth, your even tan will also depend on the quality of your hair. If your beard is thin or uneven, it’s likely that the skin underneath will tan like the rest of your face, but the tan may also have patches.

So there’s really only one way to perfectly control your tan: shave. But if you’re planning to wear a clean-shaven look for a personal or professional event at the end of the summer, you’ll need to make a choice before your holidays start!

For a full-face tan, we recommend shaving about a month before. This will give your skin enough time to develop an even tan that will not be impeded by your facial hair. Our King C Gillette range is a one stop shop to allow you to master your style, summer or winter.

Forget about the myth that shaving can eliminate a tan… The cells stimulated by UV rays are in the skin and cannot be removed by a razor blade.



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