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What is Dermaplaning and What are the Benefits?

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Dermaplaning is a simple and effective way to remove grime, dead skin, and hair, leaving the skin on your face refreshed and glowing. There are endless benefits to dermaplaning. For example, it can help your face absorb moisturisers and creams, and help with smoother makeup application.

Before you get started, you’ll need to what dermaplaning involves and if it’s right for you. Learn the basics of dermaplaning with Venus and see whether the process is the right one for you.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a facial skin treatment that removes fine hair and layers of dead skin cells to help your skin achieve a healthy glow. It involves using a small, dermaplaning razor that delicately scrapes the skin to remove dead cells and fine hairs. Traditionally, the process involved a dermatologist or beautician, but with Venus’ Facial Dermaplaning Razor and Dermaplaning Blade, you can dermaplane easily and efficiently at home.

Venus’ Skin Defence Guard blade protects your skin from irritation for a perfect at-home finish, with a round protective tip that guards the skin and glides along the contours of your face. Whether you’re an expert or a first-timer, you can experience all the benefits of dermaplaning at home with Venus.

Is dermaplaning good for your skin?

When you dermaplane, you remove dead skin cells and fine hairs from your skin’s surface. This removes dirt and prevents skin oils from building up on specific areas of the face, clogging pores and causing breakouts. The result? Healthier-looking, glowing skin. It’s a form of exfoliation, which is a key component of a healthy skincare routine.

Dermaplaning aids the turnover of skin cells for better-looking skin. Dermaplaning may not be good for the skin if you are suffering from acne, lesions, or broken skin, as it can irritate already inflamed or broken skin. It’s best to avoid dermaplaning until your skin has healed.

Is dermaplaning the same as shaving?

Woman uses a dermaplaning tool | Venus UK

The process of dermaplaning is an effective way to exfoliate. Venus’ Dermaplaning Razor uses a small, uniquely designed razor blade with a built-in Skin Defence Guard to exfoliate the outer dead skin on your face, for a glowing finish.

Like other exfoliation methods, there isn’t a set timeline with dermaplaning, and results will last for varying lengths depending on your skin type. Dermaplane as needed to maintain good results and keep your skin happy and healthy.

What makes the Venus dermaplaning tool unique?

Venus’ Facial Dermaplaning Tool features the unique Skin Defence Guard with a protective rounded tip that allows the blade to glide along the skin’s contours and curves for precise exfoliation. Our dermaplaning tool also features an ergonomic and reusable handle, that maximises efficiency and ease of use, for professional-looking results, in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of dermaplaning

Woman with smooth skin touching face to see the benefits of dermaplaning with Venus products | Venus UK

If you’re new to dermaplaning, you may be wondering what makes the process worth it, and what makes it unique from other forms of exfoliation. There are plenty of benefits of dermaplaning, including:

  • Instant results – Removing dead skin and facial hair will reveal a fresher layer below, making your appearance brighter, and healthier almost instantly!
  • Fast and simple – The Venus Dermaplaning Razor is designed with ease in mind. With an ergonomic handle and precision blade, you can dermaplane quickly and efficiently.
  • Helps skin regeneration – Removing dead skin helps aid cell turnover and allows moisturisers like the Venus Facial Hydration Serum to be absorbed easily.
  • Helps prevent breakouts – When you dermaplane, the skin’s natural oil (sebum) is spread out over your face, and not allowed to build up in one specific area. This prevents clogged pores and breakouts.
  • Helps makeup application – When you exfoliate, makeup can appear more “flawless” as the surface of your skin is smoother.

Get your dermaplaning routine started!

Woman applying cream to face as part of dermaplaning skincare routine | Venus UK

If you’re looking for the best way to visibly and instantly improve your skin’s health and achieve a glowing finish, then dermaplaning is for you. With Venus’ Facial Dermaplaning Range, dermaplaning is easier and more efficient than ever before, with Skin Defence Guard to protect you from irritation, and an ergonomic handle to make the process smooth and simple.

Make sure you’re prepared for dermaplaning by using Venus’ Facial Cleansing Primer, which removes excess debris from the face and hydrates it before you dermaplane. Keep your skin as smooth as possible with Venus’ unique Facial Hydration Serum which refreshes the skin post dermaplane, and keeps your skin glowing.



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