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What to do With Your Beard Over Summer

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Summer has finally arrived, but does that mean all the hard work you’ve put into growing a beard over the past few months has to end?

Lots of guys worry that having a beard will cause excess sweating and cause their faces to overheat in the warmer weather.

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So, instead of automatically reaching for the beard trimmer this summer, follow our guide and discover how you can rock the perfect summer beard.

How to Keep Your Beard Cool

Sweating is always something you want to try to keep to a minimum in the summer months, but especially when you have a beard.

However, combatting beard sweat can be easy if the skin and hair are kept clean and hydrated.

Our King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash can help to cleanse your pores of sweat, oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Make our beard shampoo a staple part of your daily routine – especially in the summer.

Summer Beard Trimming Tips

As much as you may not want to get rid of your statement beard, shorter facial hair can be easier to maintain and possibly a little more comfortable during the summer too.

With our Braun-powered King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer, you can choose from 3 combs and 11 different length settings when it comes to trimming your beard, so you can find your ideal length for the warmer weather.

If you end up with a beard that’s shorter than you originally planned, remember that it’ll soon grow back – by the time winter comes around, your statement beard will be back in town.

How to Apply Sunscreen to Your Beard

For maximum protection – and to avoid any awkward tan lines – make sure you’re applying sunscreen on a daily basis, even on days when it’s not especially sunny.

If you’ve got a short beard style, such as an anchor beard or goatee, apply your sun lotion directly into the beard, as this will help you to protect the skin underneath.

Whatever the body part, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours, or after swimming, to keep you protected.

If you’ve got more of a hipster beard, it will be slightly trickier to work sunscreen into your facial hair. However, this is where any beard gaps can prove useful – use these as an access point to the skin beneath your beard.

To keep your beard looking well-groomed, apply our King C. Gillette Beard Balm after your sunscreen – there’s no need to let sunscreen spoil your well-groomed style.

How to Hydrate Your Beard

Staying hydrated is essential in the summer – for your beard as well as the rest of your body.

Hydration needs to start from the inside out by drinking plenty of water. However, you should also think about nourishing and hydrating your facial hair, especially after activities such as swimming in the sea, which could leave your beard feeling slightly brittle.

Our King C. Gillette Beard Oil is designed to nourish and condition your facial hair to keep it looking and feeling soft, healthy and hydrated.

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