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Why Beard Oil Needs to Be Your New Best Pal

What does beard oil do?

A beard is a lazy choice for guys who’ve given up on shaving, right? We’re kidding – if anyone knows that a beard is actually a work of art, it’s us.

But let’s be honest, even the beards that pack the biggest statement can get pretty uncomfortable from time to time.

The skin beneath your beard has a lot to deal with – there can be thousands of hairs crammed into this relatively small area. With facial hair a lot stronger and coarser than the hair on your head, these whiskers can feel rough and prickly, and can look dry and wiry if you’re not looking after them properly – and the hidden skin underneath can take a hit too.

man with long beard

Your bearded pals might not talk about it in the pub, but you can be sure they’ve suffered from dry skin, itchiness and flaky skin beneath their beards at one time.

The solution? Nourishment – and lots of it.

You manage to nourish yourself, you can keep your pets fed, you can even nourish your sourdough starter, so you can find the time to keep your beard nourished too.

Beard, meet beard oil.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Our King C. Gillette Beard Oil is made using plant-based oils – specifically jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and evening primrose oil – to treat your beloved beard to the best possible nourishment.

It smells pretty great too, thanks to our signature King C. Gillette fragrance, featuring notes of bergamot, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli and cardamom. Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the strange looks you’re going to get when you’re caught sniffing your beard later on.

Conditions Your Beard

Our beard oil is lightweight and not at all greasy to the touch, which makes it ideal for conditioning your beard, leaving it feeling noticeably softer and smoother, and with a healthy-looking shine.

Obviously, this is great for you, helping you to feel much slicker and smarter, but it’s also good news for your partner…

man with a soft beard

Moisturises Dry Skin

Beard oil doesn’t just nourish your beard – it can also help to condition the skin underneath it. It’s harder to give the skin on your chin, cheeks and neck a good wash if they’re covered in facial hair, meaning it could start to itch and flake.

If you’ve got dark hair, flakes of skin can look very obvious in your beard, but using a beard wash and a beard oil regularly can help to keep this skin in good condition. This will make your face feel a lot more comfortable and it’ll keep your confidence high.

Preps Your Beard for Trimming

The hydrating and softening effects of beard oil make coarse beard hair much easier to style and groom.

Even the longest beards require regular trimming to keep them growing healthily, and the styling process will be a lot smoother if your facial hair is beautifully soft.

How to Use Beard Oil

Our King C. Gillette Beard Oil is so simple to incorporate into your daily grooming routine.

How to Apply Beard Oil

  • Empty a few drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand
  • Massage the beard oil into your facial hair, making sure you’re rubbing it in thoroughly
  • Try to get right down to the skin underneath your beard hair for the best results

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil?

Apply beard oil twice a day – once as part of your morning routine and again before you go to bed – to keep your facial hair as soft, hydrated and nourished as possible.
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