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Beards and Selfies: A Hairy Affair

Beards and Selfies: A Hairy Affair | Gillette UK

In a time when people danced to Gangnam Style and memes were only known to nerds, the rise of the selfie began, where you take a picture of yourself (usually with your mobile phone camera).

In the 2010s, the first smartphones with reasonably good cameras came onto the market. As a result, of course, people were taking pictures with these cameras like they were professional photographers.

Despite this hype around the self-portrait, it was to take years before the selfie had established itself in the middle of society and was able to shake off its bad reputation, which was fuelled by the accusation of self-absorption and the duckface.

These days, taking selfies is an art form that needs to be mastered. That’s why today we’re going to show you how to present your beard perfectly in selfies.

Let There be “I” – the Basics of the Art of the Selfie

Learn how to pose with your beard for a perfect selfie | Gillette UK

Before we explore how to perfectly showcase your beard, it’s important that we first clarify a few basics.

When you first look in the mirror in the morning, you think to yourself, “Wow, today is my selfie day!” Perfect, so we already have a good starting point.

Now you should think about what you want to say with your selfie. This is where the background comes into play. If you want to come across as an outdoorsman, you should ideally take your selfie in nature – logical. You can combine this with a walk in the forest, for example.

If you want to show your sporty side, go to a sports field or skate park. You get the idea. Mirror selfies are absolutely out, and rightly so! They look artificial and have no expressiveness.

The Right Light is Half the Battle

Once you have decided on a location, it’s all about timing, because not all natural light is created equally. Direct sunlight causes contours and shadows that can quickly look unnatural.

It is also important to avoid light coming from behind. That’s why it’s best to wait for the evening sun. The soft light flatters your face and gives your selfie that certain something.

Be Natural, be Yourself

The third important point on the list is the pose. Duckface, peace signs or other expressions are definitely not the best way to take the perfect selfie. Show your teeth is the motto.

A friendly, natural smile makes you look more likeable than any peace sign. Good posture can also work wonders. If you stretch your head forward a little, your face will look more defined.

Chose the right light and background for a good selfie | Gillette UK

Realise the Full Potential of Your Full Beard

Full-bearded people know that behind a full beard is not only a beautiful face but also a lot of care and work. That’s why it would be more than a shame if your selfies couldn’t adequately show off your beard in all its glory.

So, before you grab your camera and start taking pictures, make sure your beard style is in top shape.

For example, trim your neckline with the King C. Gillette Beard and Moustache Trimmer with 3 comb attachments and comb it well. Finally, you can use the appropriate beard care products from King C. Gillette, such as beard oil or beard balm, to achieve the perfect finish.

Clothing can also have an impact on how your beard looks in a selfie. A light-coloured top can reflect light through your beard and make it look less dense. Of course, extremely light or white beards are an exception.

However, even these often look denser with a black top, as the black does not reflect light and the translucent fabric is perceived as a shadow rather than a thin beard. You should avoid this “light top” effect at all costs to make your beard look as magnificent as a lion’s mane.

Pose in Perfect Perspective

Once you’ve made all the preparations, you’re ready to go. But there are still a few things you can do wrong when taking photos.

The right angle is definitely an important part of the perfect full-beard selfie because one of the most common mistakes bearded selfie enthusiasts make is taking photos of themselves from above. This is fatal for your hair. Most smartphone cameras have a wide-angle lens that distorts space, making close things look bigger and things further away look smaller. So, if you photograph your beard from slightly below, it will look bigger, fuller, and more powerful. It’s best if you just try it out.

Different Beard, Different Techniques – What to Look Out For With Three-Day Beard and Co?

In the world of beard selfies, the full beard is an absolute exception. With all other beard styles, the procedure is basically the same as without a beard. Of course, you should ideally trim a moustache beforehand and bring a three-day beard to the right length, but apart from that, you can stick to the basic rules we summarised at the beginning of this article when taking photos of these beards.

The biggest difference between this and a full beard selfie is that you should ideally shoot yourself at a 45-degree angle, i.e. holding the camera slightly above eye level.

Also, try not to hold your smartphone too close to your face. Otherwise, the wide-angle will distort your face and you might see pores a little too clearly. Instead, stretch out your arm loosely and play a little with the position of your head. In no time at all, you will have found your best side and will be able to show off your face and beard to perfection.

If you are brave, you can also try not to take photos with the front camera, as the rear camera usually has a much higher image quality. However, you will not be able to see yourself before the photo is taken.



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