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How to Grow a Hipster Beard

How to Grow a Hipster Beard | Gillette UK

A hipster beard can be a great way to make a bold, alternative statement with your look.

Hipster beards have been on display everywhere for the last few years. They’re most likely all over your Instagram feed, but there’ll probably be a few hipster beards in your office too – when they’re well-styled, there’s no reason why they can’t look smart and sleek.

Growing a hipster beard takes patience, and requires careful styling along the way, too. Persevere, and you’ll eventually have a long, bushy beard you can be proud of.

What is a Hipster Beard?

Hipster beards have been named after the subculture that has adopted this facial hair style so widely in recent years, but the style, of course, predates this trend.

These beards can conjure up an image of a bygone era when gentlemen wore smoking jackets and puffed away on pipes, but the modern man is more likely to rock this style of facial hair with jeans and a t-shirt.

A hipster beard is typically teamed with a moustache – carefully twisted ends optional – and is usually thick and bushy yet well-groomed at the same time. So, how do you get this look?

How to Grow a Hipster Beard in 3 Steps

Hipster beards suit most face shapes and are a good way at covering up inconsistent facial hair growth. But first, you might need to put up with a slightly less favourable look for a few weeks. Here’s how to grow an on-trend hipster beard in three easy steps:

Step 1: Preparation

If you have a patchy, uneven beard at the moment, it’s probably best to start afresh before growing a hipster beard.

Shave off all of your current facial hair using a razor that’s designed to leave you with a smooth finish and you’ll have a good base to start from. We recommend our King C. Gillette Double Edge Razor for a close, clean shave.

If you’d rather just trim your current facial hair before growing it out, use our King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer for an even, tidy finish.

Step 2: Let Your Facial Hair Grow

Now it’s time to be patient; after all, you can’t groom and style hair that you don’t have. Let your beard grow for as long as you need to until it’s looking full and bushy.

If you’ve been blessed with fast-growing facial hair genes, this might only take a couple of weeks; if you’re not as lucky, you might have to put up with some rather interesting facial hair for a month or two before you can start styling.

Step 3: Shape Your Beard

Keep shaping your beard while you’re growing it to stop it from getting too out of control. Try to keep it symmetrical with regular trimming – our versatile beard trimmer will fast become your best friend – and decide on the limits of how far out you want it to grow.

Be careful that you don’t take too much off though – it’ll be harder to grow it back in the shape you want, meaning you might have to start the whole process all over again.

How to Style a Hipster Beard

Careful styling is the key to a well-groomed hipster beard, and the King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer is the ideal tool to use. It comes with three combs and 11 different length settings, so you can trim different parts of your beard to your preferred length for a look that suits your face perfectly.
Here are three steps to follow to trim your beard like a hipster:

Step 1: Cleanse and Trim

Before you start styling your beard, give it a good wash and comb it through to get rid of any dirt or dead skin cells that could stop your razor from giving you a smooth finish. This should be part of your daily routine anyway, but it’s especially important before styling.

Trim any excess facial hair, taking your time to stop your hand from slipping. If you have a square jawline, leave more hair towards the centre to give the illusion that your face is longer. Alternatively, if you have a long face shape, try trimming your beard in a way that makes your face look more square.

Think about how your beard looks with your hairstyle too and try to balance them so you’re not completely covering your face with long hair and a big, bushy beard.

Step 2: Maintain Thickness

All of the best hipster beards are thick and full, so when deciding how to trim your hipster beard, think about the areas to keep fuller and longer, too. Maintain thickness by leaving a few days in between trims to let your hair grow.

If your beard growth is inconsistent, allow different patches to grow for a longer time if you need to.

Step 3: Add Personality

Hipster beard styles are a great way to show a little personality. You can do that by trimming your facial hair in a certain style, curling the ends of your moustache upwards to add an extra touch of quirkiness, or even by adding some braids for a fun look at the weekend.

While the hipster look is all about the beard, you can also think about fashion and styling when perfecting your strut into the office! Try pairing your hipster beard with thick-rimmed glasses to exude a certain dapper and ultra-confident appearance.

You can up the wow-factor even further by experimenting with hair dye. Blonde hair and a dark hipster beard can create contrast and showcase the fullness of your beard, while a blonde hipster beard showcases your cheekbones and the colour of your eyes.

If hair dyeing isn’t up your street, rocking a shaved head with a hipster beard has been another popular trend in the past couple of years. This hipster look can also lend a nice contrast while creating the illusion of symmetry on squarer face shapes. Hit the links to discover tips on dyeing your hair and beard or shaving your head perfectly.

The bearded hipster style might be a huge trend, but there are so many ways to make it your own. King C. Gillette beard care products provide you with everything you need to achieve a well-groomed look.

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