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How to Shave an Anchor Beard

How to Shave an Anchor Beard

The anchor beard facial hair style takes some effort and shaving expertise to master, but the results make this time well-spent.

The anchor beard is in essence a blend of different facial hair styles (the goatee, the chin strap and the handlebar moustache), but these come together to create a sharp look all of its own.

An anchor beard won’t suit everyone, but it looks especially good on a more rounded face type, adding some extra character and definition.

anchor beard facial hair style

Here’s our guide on how to feel your best when you’re growing, styling and maintaining an anchor beard.

What is an Anchor Beard?

The anchor beard resembles a nautical anchor in shape, so it’s clear to see how it earned its name. It was especially popular among gentlemen in the early 19th and 20th centuries, and it has more recently been brought back into popularity by Robert Downey Jr. in The Avengers Endgame.

An anchor beard is appropriate for any event, and it will look more than suitable in the office, on the football field, a night out, and even when paired with a tux.

How to Grow an Anchor Beard

Just like any beard, patience is essential as you work your way towards your desired thickness and the level of growth you need to style this look.

Give yourself enough time to let your facial hair grow – it might take a few weeks until you have enough of a beard to style – don’t go expecting a perfect anchor beard overnight.

With this style, the longer you let your facial hair grow, the more options you’ll have when it comes to making the anchor beard your own.

How to Style an Anchor Beard

When it’s long enough to style, give your anchor beard an even trim all over with our All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer.

Trimming your hair before shaving can help to reduce tugs and pulls, and it can prevent clogged blades, which could affect your shaving performance.

This can help to stop your blade from becoming dull, which can increase your risk of razor burn and irritated skin.

Once you’re happy with the length and thickness of your facial hair, define your chin strap. This beard shape consists of a line of facial hair framing the chin, and is just one of the styles incorporated into this look. However, with an anchor beard, the facial hair is situated around the chin instead, so you’ll need to remove a little more.

Next, lather your skin with shaving gel to prevent nicks, cuts and irritation. We recommend the Fusion5 Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel, which will provide you with a comfortable shave.

Then, begin to clean shave your cheeks and neck using the Gillette ProGlide Razor Blade that your Gillette Styler comes with to keep the rest of your face looking fresh.

When shaving your neck, the trick is to make sure you stretch the skin by tilting your neck backwards. This will force the hairs on your neck to stand upright, allowing you to get a closer shave.

By finishing off with the All Purpose Styler’s built-in precision trimmer, you can add the final definition to your new anchor beard shape for a clean, sharp finish.

How to Maintain an Anchor Beard

The anchor beard is a relatively low-maintenance facial hair style, so you’ll just need to tidy up the edges every few days to keep them looking crisp and defined.

If you’d prefer a slightly thicker-looking anchor beard, use the precision trimmer on your Gillette Styler, but change the comb length to 4mm from 2mm for a longer look.

Lastly, always apply an aftershave product after shaving to keep the skin on your face feeling soft and smooth.

If you aren’t sure whether an anchor beard is for you, find your perfect beard style in our ultimate facial hair styles guide.



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