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The Perfect Routine for Men with Sensitive Skin

As many as 70% of British men describe their skin as “sensitive”. This can mean anything from experiencing frequent razor burn and redness, to simply being prone to bumps and dry patches. But no matter what form it takes, sensitive skin can make shaving a difficult and unpleasant process; and one that can lead to discomfort and visible soreness.

The good news, however, is that most men who report sensitive skin can actually do a lot to alleviate the discomfort – and not to mention exasperation – they so often experience. In fact, many of the problems that often accompany sensitive are largely the result of a poor shaving technique, or wider disregard for proper skin care.

Developing a skin care routine for sensitive skin can be easier than you think. By implementing a handful of simple steps before, during, and after your shave, you should begin to see considerable improvements in both the look and feel of your skin.


Managing sensitive skin begins at outset of your morning routine. Before you do anything with a razor or exfoliator, be sure to gently wash you face with warm water to remove bacteria and harmful impurities from your pores. Applying warm water to your face also carries the advantage of softening your skin and opening pores, making shaving an altogether smoother process. For the very best results, try applying a warm cloth to your face for around a minute.

Once you face is sufficiently clean, it’s time to apply moisturiser (that’s right, before the shave). Making sure you face is properly hydrated is especially important for men with sensitive skin. With each swipe of the blade, you’re removing moisture from the skin, meaning that pre-shaving moisturising is nothing short of essential if you want to maintain sufficient hydration.

When it comes to preparing for the shave itself, selecting the right gel is vital. Our new Gillette Skinguard sensitive shave gel has removed all of the alcohols and dyes that can create irritation, and its formula contains lubricants that can help guard against nicks and cuts, resulting in a comfortable and smooth shave. Adding just this one product to your morning routine can go a long way toward protecting and healing your skin.

The Shave

For men with sensitive skin, shaving can often be daunting, but necessary, part of the morning routine. Razor burn can be commonplace, and irritation a foregone conclusion.

That said, finding and perfecting the right shaving technique for your skin can go a long way toward staving-off the most persistent aftereffects of a wet shave. Shaving gently, and in the direction of the hair growth, is the most effective way to guard against eliciting unnecessary razor burn. A solid rule-of-thumb is to make sure that the razor is doing the work – not you. Finally, it’s advisable to save the most sensitive areas, like your upper lip and around your mouth, until last. This gives the shaving gel plenty of time to soak in and soften up your facial hair.

Technique notwithstanding, one of the most important factors in protecting your skin is selecting the right razor. Gillette’s new SkinGuard Sensitive is the first razor designed specifically for men with sensitive skin who may be more prone to razor bumps.

The razor’s unique skinguard sits between the blades, absorbing the pressure from the hand to minimise blade contact with the skin. This, combined with its low cutting force blades, works to prevent tug and pull at skin level, preventing irritation.


Finally, once you’ve finished your shave it’s important to gently, but thoroughly, wash your face in order to remove any residual shaving cream or oil from the skin. Be sure to dry-off by patting your face softly with a clean towel.

Just as crucial is making sure your skin remains well-hydrated after you’ve finished. Using a moisturiser immediately following a shave is vital to preventing irritation and the formation of in-grown hairs.

By following each of these simple steps, men with sensitive should begin to see a noticeable improvement in the feel and appearance of their skin. Each step in this regime is straightforward and shouldn’t prolong your morning routine. But what it will do is reduce razor burn and lessen the likelihood of bumps and ingrown hairs developing.

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