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Should I Shave My Beard for a Job Interview?

Should I Shave My Beard for a Job Interview?

What you wear to a job interview and how you behave in front of your potential future employer are incredibly important factors. But, ultimately, it’s your confidence that will help you to make the best first impression.

Confidence comes from within, so if you feel as though you’re looking your best, you’re more likely to appear comfortable in your own skin and sure of your abilities.

You’ll know for yourself whether you feel at your best clean-shaven or when you have some neat facial hair, but here are a few extra things to bear in mind for being at your best in your next job interview:

Interview Tips from Employers

We’re employers ourselves, so we have our own advice for interview candidates, which you can find here. Our top tips are:

  • Research the company as thoroughly as you can – a job description won’t include everything you need to know, so do some investigating of your own too. Check out the business on LinkedIn, look up news on recent successes, and find out a little bit about the company culture too. If you can subtly drop details along these lines into conversation, you’re sure to impress.
  • Be yourself – don’t put on an act and try to be someone you’re not; you want to be hired for your own personality and experience. However, if you need to give yourself a little confidence boost, start with your look, as that can massively impact how you feel.

Should I Shave for a Job Interview?

Traditionally, shaving before a job interview would always have been recommended, as the clean-shaven look was seen as the smartest option. But times are changing, and it’s now recognised that a beard or moustache can help you to express yourself, and in turn boost your confidence.If you have a beard but aren’t sure whether it’s appropriate for a job interview, remember that it’ll soon grow back if you do shave it off. If you’d rather not, simply check the company culture of the organisation you’re applying to and make your decision based on that. If it has a smart casual dress code, neat facial hair is most likely fine.

Pre-Interview Skincare Tips

In the run-up to your interview, make sure you’re in the habit of using shaving products that are suitable for your skin type. Avoid irritation by choosing a shaving gel or foam that’s suitable for sensitive skin, like our SkinGuard Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel.

Even if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, using a shaving gel or foam is still important to keep your skin hydrated during and after shaving. This is also essential for smooth razor glide, which will help to reduce the chance of razor bumps and ingrown hairs too.

If you’re taking the plunge and completely shaving your beard off, make sure you cut it down with a trimmer like the Gillette All Purpose Styler before going in for a closer shave – this will help to avoid long hairs becoming tangled in your razor. You can use the All Purpose Styler to trim, shave and shape, so you can decide whether you’re happy with a neatly trimmed beard or you want to go for a clean shave.

Another top tip is to change dull blades before shaving for a job interview to avoid nicks and cuts, and shave soon after your shower when your skin is at its most hydrated and moisturised. Try to get into this habit every time you shave – not just before big occasions – for skin that always looks and feels its best.

How to Avoid Razor Bumps and Shaving Cuts

If you turn up to a job interview with shaving rash, shaving cuts or razor bumps, you’ll be risking looking as though your morning routine was rushed and a little haphazard – not the best way to make a good first impression.

Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by using a good shaving gel, as this can play a huge part in helping you to avoid razor bumps. This is because a razor will be able to glide across your skin more easily if its surface is smooth.

Sometimes, cuts from your razor are unavoidable, but you’ll be less likely to get them if you’re making gentle strokes with your razor and aren’t applying too much pressure during shaving. Here’s some more detailed advice on preventing nicks and cuts when shaving.

Should I Wear Aftershave to a Job Interview?

It’s up to you whether you wear aftershave to a job interview. A touch of your usual scent could help you to feel your best, but don’t go overboard – avoid wearing too much or anything with a smell that’s really overpowering.However, there are other post-shave habits you should always follow if you want to feel your best. Cleansing, moisturising and soothing your skin is vital for smooth, youthful, healthy-looking skin. For more advice on how to care for your skin after shaving, read our blog here.

Beard Care for a Job Interview

If you are keeping your beard, make sure it’s looking neat and in good condition before you meet your potential future employer. Read our advice on the best way to trim a beard.

Remember to shave your beard neckline as well, and comb your beard before you leave the house.

Good luck!

If you’ve done your research, feel like you know your stuff and are confident that you look your best (and appropriate for the role you’ve applied for), all that’s left to do is smash your interview – good luck!



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