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Shaving, Exercise And Other Morning Routine Essentials

Shaving, Exercise and Other Morning Routine Essentials | Gillette UK

A morning routine, well laid out, can set the right tone for the remainder of the day. Without one, you might find yourself well off the pace.

Of course, there’s no single morning routine that works for every guy, but there are a handful of tried-and-tested additions you can try out to help you be at your best for the moments that matter. Here are five of them:

1. Drinking water

If you’re the kind of guy who usually passes on a cold glass of water first thing in the morning, you could be missing a trick. When you first wake up, your body has gone eight hours without hydration, so it’s likely gasping for some fresh water. Better placed than coffee than to help you wake up first thing, water cleanses the body and helps to keep the gut healthy before a day of eating.

What’s more, when you drink a pint of water before putting any caffeine or food in your body, you give your organs a chance to clean themselves so that they can work properly. Drinking water first thing also helps to shift toxins from the blood, which allows your skin to rejuvenate. If you want clear skin and a healthy gut, add water to your morning routine.

2. Shaving Routine

When you allow enough time for a proper shave, the result is always noticeable. Try applying a warm cloth to your face for a minute to cleanse and open the pores. Once your face is clean, it’s time to make sure that your face is hydrated by applying moisturiser (yes, before the shave!).

This way, when it comes to applying the shave gel, your face will be super smooth and ready to go. Our Gillette Skinguard sensitive shave gel has removed all of the alcohols and dyes that can create irritation, and its formula contains lubricants that can help guard against nicks and cuts too. Add these two additions to your morning routine for the perfect shave.

3. Planning your day

Whether you’re the organised type or not, planning your day in the morning will allow you to think ahead and approach the day positively. During the work week, it’s so easy to switch off and just go with the flow, using your calendar to guide you.

However, when you sit down in the morning and write a list of what you’ll be doing in the day, it gives you chance to subconsciously prepare and minimises the risk of you forgetting an important appointment or deadline. Whether you like to write a list, or just mentally acknowledge the things you’ll be doing during the day, planning ahead will help you stay focused.


4. Exercise

Whether it’s a walk, a trip to the gym, or a home workout, adding some exercise to your morning routine sets you up for a great day. Exercise isn’t an essential every morning, but if you can fit in some form of workout 3-4 times a week before work, you’ll notice a difference.

Exercising in the morning has some amazing effects including boosting your metabolism, lifting your mood, and helping you focus.

But it’s not just cardio or weights that can perk you up in the morning. Practicing a discipline where you take a breath, connect with your body, and properly wake up for the day is invaluable. Whether you like a bit of yoga, are into meditation, or like to just take some deep breaths in the morning, it’s worth waking up half an hour earlier to check in with your body and mind.

Being conscious of how you feel will set you up well for the day, and allow you to tune into that calmness that resides within all of us before the day hits us. This one is especially useful if you live in a bustling city where some peace and quiet in the morning can go a long way.

5. Start your routine the night before

The best morning routines begin hours before the sun rises. Taking some time in the evening to reflect on the day is a great way to clear the mind, as well as an opportunity to set yourself some goals, and think about how you can overcome setbacks. This type of nightly reflection will help you to think clearly, and prioritise more effectively when the morning rolls around.

But even more importantly, your morning needs to be preceded by a good night’s sleep if you’re going to be properly prepared for the day ahead. Getting enough shut eye is crucial to feeling alert and ready in the morning – so be sure to give yourself enough time for your body to fully rest up.

The optimum amount of sleep differs from person to person, but for most of us it will be between 7-9 hours. Try to switch off all tech half an hour before bed so that you can relax the mind and prepare for a good sleep. You’ll thank yourself when 6am comes around.

From Shaving to Self-Care: Take Better Care of Yourself

Be Your Best

From Shaving to Self-Care: Take Better Care of Yourself

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