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Elements of a Turkish Shave to Adopt at Home

smooth, clean-shaven face, with no shaving cuts

What Does a Turkish Barber Do?

  • A Turkish barber can offer the ultimate luxury shaving experience: the hot towel shave
  • Turkish barbers are well-practised in what they do, so you can expect precision, and a wonderfully soothed feeling on your skin afterwards
  • Going to the Turkish barber is an incredible experience every guy should try at least once

What is a Turkish Barber?

A Turkish barber is a particular type of barber, who typically provides other services on top of traditional men’s hairdressing, such as:

  • A hot towel shave
  • Beard trimming
  • Nasal hair waxing
  • Singeing fine hair
  • Massage

man having a hot towel shave

What Does a Turkish Shave Feel Like?

A Turkish shave can leave you:

  • With a face that feels baby-smooth
  • Feeling pampered and relaxed
  • Feeling like the very best version of you

What is a Turkish Shave?

  • A Turkish barber will begin by using steam to open the pores on your face, letting out any impurities such as excess oil, dirt and bacteria
  • The barber will then wrap your face in a hot towel to help thoroughly cleanse your skin, making sure it’s as clean as possible for the razor, so you can benefit from a close, clean shave
  • Shaving cream (either gel or foam) is applied, before you’re given a close shave, usually using a straight razor
  • Another towel is used to pat your face dry and remove any remaining shaving cream
  • To finish, aftershave is usually massaged into your face, leaving it feeling soothed, refreshed and smelling great

A Turkish shave or a hot towel shave is the ultimate way to end a visit to a Turkish barber. A traditional Turkish shave will be clean and close, leaving your skin feeling wonderfully smooth, with no evidence of shaving cuts or razor burn.

Men typically enjoy a Turkish shave as an occasional relaxing treat – it’s an indulgence, but it’s a good way to practise self-care, giving you the chance to take a little time just for you out of your busy schedule.

Which Elements of a Turkish Shave Can You Adopt at Home?

  • Expose your skin to steam to open your pores by always showering ahead of shaving
  • You could even apply a towel dampened with warm water to your face to cleanse your skin before you start to shave, bringing the feeling of a hot towel shave to your own home
  • Use a shaving gel or shaving foam to lubricate your face to guarantee a smoother razor glide
  • If you’re not confident using a straight razor, try a razor from the Gillette Fusion5 range, as each of these features five anti-friction blades to bring you a seriously close, precise shave



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