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How to Make a Beard Look Smart

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Every beard is different; with so many different beard styles out there, no two beards will look the same. However, every beard wearer shares one common goal (outside of their own homes at least), and that’s to keep it looking smart.

Keep Your Beard Clean

Washing your face every morning should be a given, but are you washing your beard as well? Using a specially formulated beard shampoo can help to keep your beard looking and feeling smart, and our King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash is a great choice.

The 2-in-1 product contains extracts of argan oil, avocado oil and coconut water, alongside patented facial hair conditioning technology.

Our beard wash also features signature King C. Gillette fragrance, which features notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, cardamom and ginger to create a modern yet masculine scent. Feeling smart is the first step to looking smart too.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

Unfortunately, a straggly beard is not a smart beard, so it’s important to keep yours trimmed regularly to keep it looking well-groomed.

Our King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer with Braun technology has three different combs and 11 different length settings is the perfect tool for keeping your beard well-trimmed, looking sharp and free from straggly hairs.

Whether you’re rocking a goatee or a full-on hipster beard, you can keep your facial hair feeling smart with our versatile beard trimmer.

The Importance of Shaving Gel

Shaving gel should be as important to your morning routine as showering and brushing your teeth. Applying our King C. Gillette Transparent Shave Gel will not only help you to see exactly where you’re shaving to avoid any messy mishaps, but it will also provide your face with lubrication for a smooth razor glide.

This can help to reduce your risk of razor burn and other shaving-related irritation. Shaving rash can distract from a smart look, leaving you feeling self-conscious and far from your well-groomed best self.

Shape Your Beard Neckline

Your beard neckline is just as important as your overall beard style to keeping you looking smart, and you can keep yours in check with the specially designed King C. Gillette Neck Razor.

Our neck razor uses low cutting force razor blades that help to ensure each hair is cut no more than twice with every razor stroke, which can help to reduce the risk of razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Comb Your Beard

Combing your beard is another quick fix to smarter facial hair. Keep a beard comb in your bag or pocket at all times and you’ll easily be able to touch up your beard discreetly throughout the day.

Nourish Your Beard

Keeping your facial hair nourished can also help to keep it looking and feeling smart. Beard care products such as our King C. Gillette Beard Balm and King C. Gillette Beard Oil are designed to give your beard a little extra nourishment, while also keeping it perfectly styled.

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Be Your Best

The Power of Beard Oil: Benefits and Usage Guide

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