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A Man’s Guide to Oily Skin

A Man’s Guide to Oily Skin

The struggle of encountering oily skin is something most men are familiar with: You leave the house in the morning with skin that feels fresh and clean, but by lunchtime, it’s looking greasy.

The good news, however, is that oily skin in men is fairly common and surprisingly easy to remedy. Plus, it’s actually a sign of good skin health. Sure, oily skin can make you feel like you need a good wash, but it’s a lot easier to treat than dry skin and can result in healthier-looking skin in the long run.

We’re offering a quick guide on how guys can manage oily skin, and keep the face and body looking fresh.

What is Oily Skin?

Lots of men think they have oily skin when in reality they’re just using the wrong products. Before you self-diagnose as someone who has oily skin, be sure that you’re not using any products for dry skin that can be too heavy for the average guy.

Oily skin is characterised by open pores and a shiny complexion, which sounds like most men we know. And it’s true – men are more prone to oily skin as they have thicker skin with bigger pores that absorb impurities.

The main things to look out for are a shiny face, pimples, large pores, and blackheads on the nose and chin. Don’t stress though: you can treat oily skin in no time with a little guidance.

Why Do Men Get Oily Skin?

Men are more prone to oily skin for a few reasons, with hormones and skin quality being the biggest. Male skin actually produces more sebum oil and collagen, which explains why guys can sometimes look a little greasier. Sebum is the oily substance produced by your sebaceous glands. It performs an important role by acting as a waterproof layer on the surface of the skin, however, it can clog your pores when too much gets produced.

What Can Make It Worse?

Put down your grubby flannel and step away from the facial soaps. This might come as a shock, but cleansing your skin can be bad for oily skin in men. When your face feels greasy and full of impurities, the most tempting thing to do is to lather on a cleanser and scrub away. However, over-cleansing your skin can disrupt the balance and make your body think it needs to produce more oil to keep hydrated – not a good look. To be safe, you can restrict your cleansing to once a day.

Another factor that can worsen oily skin in men is stress. When you’re stressed, cortisol levels rise in the body and this causes more oil production. Simple lifestyle changes like a long walk on the weekend and a cup of camomile tea before you go to sleep can make a big difference.

How Can You Treat Oily Skin in Men?

The great news is that oily skin is really easy to treat by following a few simple tips:

  • Be sure that when you wash and shave, you choose a shave gel, wash and moisturiser that’s made with a non-greasy formula.
  • Pat the face dry with a towel, never scrub. Scrubbing and scraping the top layer of the skin can actually cause your body to produce more sebum.
  • Try using a balm and moisturiser straight after you’ve finished shaving.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to look after your skin and be your best, check out our face shaving tips. If you suffer with acne as a result of oily skin, you can also take a look at our shaving acne tips for more advice.

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