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Women’s Pubic Hairstyles: How to Style Like a Pro

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‘Hair or no hair?’ – that is the question on many girls’ minds. But whether you like it au naturel, landscaped or fully mowed – what you do with your pubic hairs is ultimately down to you.

In fact, when it comes to shaving pubic hair, there’s no right or wrong answers. But with so many pubic hairstyles to choose from, you might need a little help deciding which style is best for you.

So, whether you’re learning how to shave down there for the first time or are a confident shaver looking to try something new, read on to discover our top tips on how to do pubic hairstyling like a pro.

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Choosing the Best Pubic Hairstyles for You

From France to Hollywood via Bermuda, who would have thought pubic hairstyle shaving would be so, ehm… all over the place?

Truth is, shaving pubic hair has been popular worldwide since 3000 BCE, and archaeologists have found evidence of women from India to Egypt and Rome using rudimentary shaving tools to groom their pubes to perfection. So, if you thought trimming pubic hair was a modern invention, think again!

Ready to find out how to get a French, Hollywood or Bermuda triangle shave? Here’s what these popular women’s pubic hairstyles look like and how they became so trendy.

But first, here’s a few tips before you shave your pubic area:

  1. Always use a sharp razor, older blades may tug and pull, creating unnecessary friction to this already sensitive area.
  2. Soften your hair and skin by taking a hot shower or bath, this will hydrate your skin and hair, making shaving easier.
  3. Exfoliate the area gently to exfoliate the skin and release trapped hairs before shaving, this helps your razor glide better.

Hollywood is What You Make of It

The Hollywood shave is a totally clean shave, meaning you’ll be left with no pubic hairs in sight! This includes shaving all the hairs on your pubic area, in between your legs and between your buttocks too.

Wondering why this pubic hairstyle is called the ‘Hollywood’? Well, it turns out a lot of Los Angelinos in the Hollywood hills enjoyed going full bare, plus, let’s face it, saying you want a Hollywood shave or wax sounds pretty glam too!

Whilst waxing is a popular way of removing all hairs from your pubic region, some might prefer not to place hot wax near their private areas, which is perfectly understandable. That’s where shaving tools like razors for pubic hair and bikini trimmers can come in handy! Here’s how to shave Hollywood style:

  1. Apply shaving gel to the area and shave using steady strokes in the direction of your hair growth.
  2. For a closer shave, you may want to try shaving against the grain, but ensure you apply extra shaving gel and that you use fewer strokes to avoid irritation.
  3. To get to those hard-to-reach spots like in between your buttocks, prop your leg up and hold your buttcheek taut with the other hand, this will help your razor glide more smoothly.

Top tip: for a great Hollywood shave minus the unsightly ingrown hairs or razor bumps use razors fitted with a defence bar. Our Gillette Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor is specifically designed with a patented Irritation Defence Bar so you can shave your pubic hair safely and with ease.

Pilot, Take Me to France!

Next up, is the women’s pubic hairstyle known as the ‘French’ or ‘landing strip’. Indeed, landing strips don’t just belong to airports, and asking for one at your local beauty parlour won’t send you on your way to Heathrow!

The reason for its airport related name is simple, this style shaves off pubic hair except for a strip in the middle. But unlike the Brazilian, the French shave doesn’t remove hair from your vulva or perianal areas.

Here’s how to shave a landing strip look:

  1. If your pubic hairs are long, use a bikini trimmer to trim them down, this will help your landing strip pubic hairstyle look neat too.
  2. Apply shaving gel and shave the sides of your bikini line and mons pubis in the direction of your hair growth leaving a landing strip in the middle. Voilà!

Top tip: To achieve the best landing strip vagina style, use a clear shaving gel that allows you to see where you’re shaving. The Gillette Venus 2-in-1 Cleanser & Shave Gel uses a completely clear formulation that’s dermatologist and gynaecologist tested. Plus, it’s pH balanced and made without parabens, dyes, fragrances and silicones.

Brazilian Babe or Bermudan Bae?

Is it just us, or it’s getting a bit hot in here? Whether you’re fantasising about your next tropical holiday or simply want to add a little bit of exotic flair to your daily life, these two female pubic hairstyles can make us feel confident and smoking hot!

But what’s the difference between a Bermuda triangle and a Brazilian shave? And what’s up with the names? As you might expect, the Brazilian look got its name in Brazil, more specifically on the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro in the 70s when the new itty bitty bikini fashion trend took off.

The Bermuda triangle pubic hairstyle instead gets its name from the urban legend of the Bermuda triangle, the triangular shaped area in the Atlantic Ocean known for its many mysterious shipwrecks.

Both styles involve removing all the hairs from your pubic hair area and in between your legs and buttocks, leaving only a small tuft of hair on your pubis, in the case of the Bermuda look, in the shape of a triangle. Here’s how you can achieve the looks:

  1. For either pubic hairstyles, follow the same procedure as with a Hollywood shave but this time leave a small area of hair on your pubis.
  2. Shape your pubic hair in the shape of a triangle for the Bermuda look, or make it rounder, squarer or whatever shape you have in mind for the Brazilian shave.

What do a Heart, Postage Stamp and Arrow Have in Common?

… they can all be on your pubic area, of course! If the traditional Hollywood, French or Brazilian simply don’t cut it (or rather, shave it!) anymore, then we’ve got a couple more popular bikini line shapes you could try.

The heart shaped pubic hairstyle could be a romantic look for Valentines, or just a nice little thing you do for yourself! You can also opt for the postage stamp pubic hair look, a small, ultra-precise square the size of a postage stamp. Finally, you may want to try the arrow, for a cheeky look that requires pro level grooming!

Here’s how you can achieve these looks:

  1. With this style, you can either go French style, leaving the hairs by your buttocks alone, or go full Hollywood shave and remove all hairs except for those on your pubis which you will shape accordingly.
  2. For heart shaped pubes, use a trimmer to carefully draw a heart. You can use stencils to help you too!
  3. For the postage stamp look, start with a landing strip shave, then trim or shave to get the area down to a square.
  4. Going for the arrow? This creative female pubic hairstyle requires a keen eye for detail. Leave a rectangular area of pubic hair and then use a trimmer to carefully shape it into an arrow.

Pro tip: Keep your pubic area soft and irritation-free in between shaves by applying a moisturising lotion after shaving. Try the Gillette Venus Daily Soothing Serum, its gentle formulation is made without parabens, silicones or fragrances, perfect to reduce ingrown hair for pubic hair areas and skin.

Ready to shave, trim and shape? We hope you’re feeling inspired to create your own pubic hairstyles! With the right tools and the correct technique, shaving your pubic hair can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your grooming routine.

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