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My Beard Care Routine with King C. Gillette

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I can’t remember the last time I shaved my beard completely. For more than 10 years, I’ve had a beard almost all the time – sometimes a little longer, sometimes just stubble, but usually about 5-7mm long. At the very beginning, I didn’t even know that you have to care for a beard at all. But it’s not easy for us men because we have to find the right products from different manufacturers by yourself.

Gillette has addressed this problem and is now launching King C. Gillette, a line that caters to all beard care needs. In addition to wet razors, which you would expect from Gillette, it also includes a beard trimmer and grooming products. I have selected a few of these products and integrated them into my grooming routine.

First, a few words about my routine. Once a week, I trim my beard so that it is always about the same length. But that’s not the end of it, because above the actual beard I have a few hairs growing that I don’t want to be there and that can be seen every morning in the form of little stubble. I shave these off with a wet razor before showering. I also use Beard and Face Wash and Beard Oil.

Man with a beard contemplates caring for it with the Gillette King C. range

The King C. Gillette Beard and Moustache Trimmer meets my expectations perfectly because it contains Braun technology and you can feel it. It trims thoroughly, has several attachments for different beard lengths and can be cleaned under running water. So it’s exactly what you’re used to getting from comparable Braun trimmers.

To remove the trimmed beard hairs and, of course, to care for the beard, I use the Beard and Face Wash afterwards.

It is enough to apply a small, peanut-sized amount to a damp palm and then spread it over the beard. This is how I got to know the scent that permeates the entire King C. Gillette line. I like that it is refreshing, modern and masculine with a blend of pepper, mint and bergamot, but not too bold.

Man with a rugged beard looks in to a mirror and wonders if the Gillette King C. range can help his grooming routine

After that – and every morning – it’s my turn to shave the areas above the base of the beard. I find it very helpful that the shaving gel is transparent and not a white foam because that way I can see the base very clearly and shave precisely.

I chose the double edge safety razor for this. The classic razor with a single sharp razor blade on each side is very suitable for shaping contours precisely. With its chrome-plated handle, it has a very high-quality look and feels good in the hand.

This is how to shave successfully with the razor:

Shaving with only one razor blade seems brutal at first and is definitely different from shaving with modern system razors – but it is actually quite simple and only requires a little practice.

Be sure to use enough shaving foam or gel to help the blade glide over the skin. Position the blade at an angle of 30° (the blades are arranged at this angle in system razors, but you have to ensure that the blade is held at this angle when using a safety razor) and move it in the direction of hair growth with only light pressure. Applying more pressure will not make the shave closer, but you will increase the risk of injury. You can also prevent injuries by stretching the skin with your other hand to make it smoother.

Make sure that the blade is always sharp and replace it too early rather than too late! Even if the razor falls or if you bump into something with the razor blade, you should replace it immediately.

One last tip: Don’t get discouraged too quickly. Small injuries and irritations are normal at the beginning, but your skin will quickly get used to it and practice makes perfect!

Man applies the Gillette King C. beard balm to nourish his hair

Even though there is a beard oil in the King C. Gillette line, I tried something new this time: The beard balm made from cocoa butter, shea butter and argan oil. The balm works like a conditioner that softens the beard hair and smells very pleasantly of the King C. Gillette signature scent, Gillette’s signature fragrance. I did not wash the beard balm out but instead left it in the beard all day.

I love that Gillette has created a range that covers every grooming routine, whether you shave your beard completely, cut your bear into a specific style, or – like me – just want a proper 5-day beard.

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