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Why You Need A Beard Shampoo in Your Routine

Beard Shampoo: Why You Need It | King C. Gillette UK

Is beard shampoo really necessary? Beard care and hair care are often grouped together, but it’s important to remember how different they are if you want to achieve a beard that feels soft and well-groomed, rather than itchy and uncomfortable.

How does Beard Shampoo Differ from Regular Shampoo

While all shampoos are designed to clean, beard shampoo is specifically formulated to moisturize, soften, and scent your beard too.

Beard Shampoo Moisturizes Beard Follicles & the Skin Beneath

The body naturally produces an oil called sebum which keeps skin feeling hydrated whilst also forming a protective barrier against external stressors, which can cause itchiness. Both hair and skin need this sebum to look and feel healthy.

As beard hairs are thicker than those found on the scalp, the skin underneath requires additional moisture.

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Beard Shampoo Softens and Smooths

Due to male hormones, like testosterone and DHT, beards have a coarser consistency than head hair, which doesn’t require male hormones to grow. Unfortunately, this thick, coarse hair can make your beard look untidy, feel prickly and cause beard rash.

Beard shampoo is specially formulated to soften and smooth beard hair for a neater looking beard.

Beard Shampoo Neutralises Odours

Did you know that odour occurs when bacteria get trapped in your body hair? Well, the beard is no exception to this.

Secretion of natural oils and build-up of external pollutants and even food can make the beard a perfect area for bacterial growth Using beard shampoo regularly during your daily face wash routine is a must to help prevent the build-up of bacteria and keep your beard smelling great.

The Best Beard Shampoo

When selecting a beard shampoo, find one that is mild and gentle to avoid drying out your skin. The best beard shampoo should also be enriched with nutrients and formulated with scents that are fragrant without overwhelming sensitive nostrils.

We recommend using King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash. Formulated with mild cleansers and soothing argan and coconut oil, it’s designed to feel gentle against the skin and is scented with menthol for a cool and refreshing masculine scent.

Beard shampoo is an integral part of any good beard care routine, and we recommend treating your beard to a refreshing beard wash at least 2-3 times a week.

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