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The Best Blonde Beard Styles

Are you one of the lucky few who grows a naturally blonde or reddish blonde beard? Then kudos to you – you’re one of the few who get the chance to rock the golden goatee!

Now, we know what some people say, that blonde beards aren’t as sophisticated as dark brown or black ones. We hear you – and wholeheartedly disagree! Blonde beards not only are rarer, and thus a naturally showstopper look, but also extremely aesthetic.

Think about it this way, blonde beards add a golden, platinum or copper touch to your style, without you even having to splurge on jewellery. Now, that’s one nifty advantage.

Want to join the blonde beard club but lack the natural attributes? We’re an accepting bunch – simply bleach your beard blonde and a regal touch to your style. Learn more about hair and beard dyeing on our blog.

So, no matter if your beard is golden, blonde, ginger blond or platinum – there’s a beard style out there for you, and we’re going to help you find it.

Why is My Beard Blonde?

First things first, you might be wondering: ‘why is my beard blonde’? Perhaps you have dark hair on your head but grow ginger blonde facial hair. Or maybe you used to be blonde as a child but lost the fair locks on your head but still grow the blond hair on your face.

There are many factors as to why you grow a blonde beard, but the most common explanation is down to those hidden genes expressing themselves in weird and wonderful ways!

In fact, having a different colour of hair to your beard is quite common and it’s all down to the levels of pigmentation and melanin in your hair follicles. All follicles contain a mix of black or brown pigments, called eumelanin, and red and yellow pigments, called pheomelanin.

If genetically, you produce more pheomelanin, then chances are either your scalp hair or facial hair will look blonde or reddish blonde.

It’s perfectly possible to have the blonde hair black beard combo too, or the blonde hair ginger beard look. If that’s the case, there are loads of beard styles to choose from that exalt your two-tone look. But if the mismatched colours bother you, you can always use blonde beard dye to match the two.

Blonde Beard Styles

Whether you grow naturally blonde beard tresses, are looking how to grow a blonde beard, or are thinking of hitting the blond beard dye – there’s a style out there to match your golden or platinum-coloured aspirations!

Here’s our list of top beard styles to make your blonde wishes come true:

The Blonde Beard 5 O’Clock Shadow Stubble

Want a shimmer of gold without going full-on? Then let your blonde beard grow into a dapper but demure 5 o’clock shadow look.

Simply swap the shaving tools for the beard oil, and let those golden blonde hues add pizazz to your look.

Sporting the blonde hair with black beard look? A slightly darker stubble will add contrast and definition to your style without making the tonal difference too obvious.

The Blonde Beard Golden Goatee

Arm yourself with a shaving tool like Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer and neatly shave off all your facial hair except for the blonde locks on your chin for a classic goatee look.

Want to add extra charm to your look? Then opt for a goatee and moustache look or try the goatee with added chin strap look.

If you’ve naturally got the blonde hair dark beard look and are curious about blonde beard dye, the soul patch look is an easy style to experiment with. Plus, we think the platinum blonde soul patch look is minimal but highly effective and very y2k!

The Blonde Beard Viking Look

Looking for a blonde beard style that oozes confidence and tenacity? Then let your ginger or blonde facial hair grow into a full-on Viking beard.

This look will take some time and dedication, but if you wash your beard regularly using conditioning products like King C. Gillette’s Beard and Face Wash  and comb or brush in nourishing ingredients like those in King C. Gillette’s Beard Oil then you’ll have the long blonde beard worthy of Viking-status in no time!

This style also works really well for men with the blonde hair ginger beard combo. That’s because the ginger tones in your beard will add an extra touch of colour and ruggedness that fit very well with the Viking aesthetic.

The Blonde Beard, Mastered

Now that you know how to grow a blonde beard and which blonde beard styles to go for, all that’s left for you to do is go out there and show off your golden tresses to the world!

Can I dye my black beard blonde?

Yes, dark beards can be dyed blonde, but we recommend you talk to your barber or hair stylist first as they’ll be able to suggest the best dye or bleaching product for your beard.

Can beard dye cause damage?

When used correctly, professional beard dyes should not cause any damage to your beard or face. Always do a patch test before dying your beard to ensure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

Why do I have blonde hair but a black beard?

Your genes will determine how much melanin is in your hair. All hair contains a mix of darker pigments called eumelanin and lighter pigments called pheomelanin. This means you can have lighter hair on your scalp but also darker hair on your face.

What blonde beard styles will you try?





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