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Beard and Hairstyle Trends 2021

Beard and hairstyle trends for men 2021 | Gillette UK

The era of video conferencing is far from over, and across various video-based social media platforms, faces are increasingly becoming the focal point. A well-groomed appearance from the shoulders up is, therefore, more important than ever. For that reason, it’s integral to keep up to date with the latest hair and beard fashion trends. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Hairstyle Trends 2021

Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut | Hairstyle Trends for Men 2021 | Gillette UK

When your hair gets too long, and a visit to the barber is not a foregone conclusion, sometimes there’s only one thing to do: cut your own hair! Influencers around the world have shown us the way, and modern stylists have put their stamp of approval on the look. The buzz cut is cool, easy to manage, doesn’t require much maintenance and saves on styling. However, you should shave every few weeks to keep your hair between 3 and 7 millimeters long at all times. If you are unsure whether the buzz cut fits your head shape, you should ask a hairdresser because they can feel it out. Check out our tutorials on how to achieve the buzz cut with our King C. Gillette Trimmer.

French Crop

The French Crop | Hairstyle Trends for Men 2021 | Gillette UK

Men with short fringes are likely to be seen more often in the future, as the short haircut that Julius Caesar wore over 2000 years ago is making a comeback with the French Crop. To achieve this look, keep the sides and the nape of the neck short, the hair on top a little longer and the fringe precisely cut. This also lets you hide your receding hairline if you have one. The French Crop can be worn by anyone because the length of the hair can be adapted to the shape of your head – unless you have curls. Styling is also simple. Put a little matt wax in your hands and style to the front.

Centre Parting

Centre Parting | Hairstyle Trends for Men 2021 | Gillette UK

The centre parting, a relic of the 1990s, is making a comeback this year – but not in as strict a way as those used by classic boy bands. Undone is the keyword here. It should look as if you hadn’t styled it at all. Your hair length is therefore almost irrelevant. Medium, long or very long – it doesn’t matter but volume is important. Have your hair cut in a slightly layered style by a hairdresser. For styling, it’s best to use creamy hair wax, which you can use to highlight individual strands. This will prevent your hair from looking like a bowl cut.

Side Parting

Side Parting | Hairstyle Trends for Men 2021 | Gillette UK

The same applies to the side parting in 2021: make it look undone! In other words, make it look casual as if you haven’t made any particular effort. Naturalness is what’s required, preferably with individual strands falling into your face. Blow-dry your hair back with a flat brush, part it and fix individual strands with a little matt gel. If you have thin hair, use Seasalt Spray to give it more hold and texture.

Beard Trends 2021


Moustache | Beard Trends for Men 2021 | Gillette UK

In 2021, the moustache continues to triumph. Its heyday was in the 1970s and early 1980s. It then disappeared from the scene for a long time, but now it’s back. A moustache can change your style dramatically, and it’s definitely a sign of self-confidence! After just a few weeks of growing it out, the hair above your lip should be long and thick enough to pass for a moustache. Following this, if not before, you should shave off the rest of your beard. How you style your moustache, whether pencil or walrus, is up to you!

3-day Beard and 6-day Beard

3-day and 6-day Beard | Beard Trends for Men 2021 | Gillette UK

Of course, the perennial favourite beard styles always work. If you go for the 3-day beard, you should make sure that the beard hairs are no longer than 1-2 millimeters (with the 6-day beard approx. 5-7 millimeters), so trim them regularly! Both beards particularly suit men with elongated and round faces because they can elegantly balance out hard contours. The 3-day beard is very simple and requires almost no care, but the 6-day beard should be treated with a few drops of beard oil so that it doesn’t look too wild and shaggy.

Full Beard

Full Beard | Beard trends for men 2021 | Gillette UK

If you thought that the hipster era of lumberjack shirts and beards was over, you were wrong because the full beard, at any rate, is here to stay in 2021! The difference from a few years ago, however, is that the beard needs to look well-groomed! Therefore, regularly trim (or have trimmed) the contours and look after it with beard shampoo, beard oil or beard balm. Remember to only let it grow when it is full and thick, and there are no bald spots!

The Van Dyke beard

The Van Dyke Beard | Beard Trends for Men 2021 | Gillette UK

We haven’t seen chin beards for a long time, but they are slowly coming back – even if initially only when paired with a moustache. The Van Dyke beard, musketeer or Victor Emmanuel are some of the names given to this type of beard, which grows around the mouth. You can either trim the other hairs on your face significantly shorter or shave them off completely.

If you have a very round or full face, the Van Dyke beard is the one for you because it makes the face look much longer. If you have a heart-shaped face, you should let the hair on your chin spread a little thicker.

Hairstyles this year will be more on the “undone” side. However, this does not apply to the face; your beard should look well-groomed and clearly “done”!

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