Facial Hair Styles

Facial Hair Styles: The Van Dyke Beard

Facial Hair Styles: The Van Dyke Beard

Beard Grooming – The Van Dyke Beard

Traditionally, the Van Dyke beard was a full goatee with a floating moustache. Think of an anchor shape of facial hair, and you’ll have the right idea. However, today, there are plenty of variations on this classic style, and its wearers are far from restricted in how to shape their Van Dyke beard.

Johnny Depp is one example of a man who loves a Van Dyke Beard, and who chooses to wear it in the traditional way, and it’s also been spotted on Pierce Brosnan. You can mix up the look with longer hair on your chin, or with a long, thin moustache.

The classic Van Dyke Beard style is all about clean-shaven cheeks and short sideburns, as seen on 17th century Flemish painter Sir Anthony van Dyck, who gave the style its name.

However, anything goes with the versatile, modern take on the look. Armed with the All Purpose Gillette STYLER, you can learn how to grow a Van Dyke Beard in a few simple steps.

The Van Dyke Beard Look

Trimming and shaping a beard doesn’t have to be complicated. The main thing is to prep beforehand, ensure you have the right products, and have a plan for shaving and maintaining your beard. When it comes to face shapes, the Van Dyke is a great option for those with a longer face or a pointed chin.

Here are a few simple steps to help you perfect the popular Van Dyke beard style:

Step 1: Grow Your Facial Hair

That’s right! Before you think about shaving your beard, you need to have the right amount of hair growth. You can get a Van Dyke Beard look with both a fuller beard and patchier hair, but you’ll need about a week’s growth, or around 2cms of hair across your face to begin with, whatever you want the final look to be.

Step 2: Select a Fixed-Length Comb for Trimming

But first, make sure to comb your beard to avoid any snagging as you shave. Once you’ve prepared your hair, choose your comb length. The right comb length on your trimmer can help you style your look to perfection. The All Purpose Gillette STYLER comes with three comb attachments (2mm, 4mm, 6mm).

Step 3: Trim Your Facial Hair

Now it’s time to even out your beard hair length with the trimmer. Trimming hairs before shaving can help reduce tug and pull, and this can help prevent clogged blades. It will also give you a neater final look.

Step 4: Define Your Beard Shape

To get the classic Van Dyke shape, remove your trimmer’s comb attachment, and trim along both sides of your mouth in a slanting line. Make sure that the line flows from your upper lip to your jawline and along your neck. Generally, the moustache is left natural, so keep the lines outside the ends of your moustache.

Step 5: Check for Symmetry As You Go

This part is important if you want to get the look right for you. As you trim along the line to form your beard, make sure to check for symmetry as you go. Take it slow and be careful not to trim too much off in an effort to look even.

Step 6: Prep Your Face

Most Van Dyke Beards are worn with clean-shaven cheeks, although some have a strip of hair running along the jawline. Before you shave the area outside your beard shape, you’ll need to prep your face. First, rinse your face with warm water. This will help hydrate your hair in preparation for shaving. Then, lather up the parts of your face that you want to shave completely bare with a shave gel. Using a shave gel can help prevent nicks, cuts, and irritation.

Step 7: Shave with Light, Gentle Strokes

For this step, you’ll need to attach razor blades to your Gillette STYLER handle. You can use any Fusion5™ blade refills with your STYLER. To help the razor glide over your skin, remember to use light, gentle strokes. This will give you the close shave needed for a complete Van Dyke Beard effect.

Step 8: Rinse Your Blades Often

While shaving, remember to rinse the blades often and reapply shave gel if needed. This will help prevent the build-up of hairs on your razor blades, meaning less drag and friction. It will also help you avoid shaving burn and give you a cleaner end result.

Step 9: Edge with the Precision Trimmer

You’re almost there, but now you need to trim that Van Dyke Beard to finish the look. On the back of all Fusion5 razors is a precision blade. Simply use this part to edge around your shaped Van Dyke Beard and trim the hairs as much as you need.

Step 10: Rinse, Towel, and Moisturise

Don’t forget to look after your skin post-shave! Rinse off your face with cool water once you have the beard you want, pat dry with a towel, and then apply a hydrating aftershave lotion or balm to help soothe your skin and moisturise your beard.

You’ve now nailed the Van Dyke Beard in just 10 simple steps. To keep on top of your style, get the best tools by searching Gillette razors and trimmers for easy beard grooming.

Facial Hair Styles

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