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Tips for a Pain-Free Intimate Grooming Experience

Advice For Pain-Free Male Intimate Grooming | Gillette UK

Let’s face it – intimate grooming always comes with more potential for discomfort than, for example, shaving your face. That being said, there is no need for it to be painful or even uncomfortable when you know what you are doing. Even better, the Gillette INTIMATE™ Grooming series of products makes it much easier to deal with pubic hair and other parts of the body accurately.

Of course, men have been body grooming and manscaping for years, so what is the best advice when it comes to male intimate hair removal? Read on to find out more.

Advice for Depilating Intimate Parts of the Body

Advice for Depilating Intimate Parts of the Body | Gillette UK

There are several depilation methods open to men who want to remove hair from the intimate parts of their body. It is worth noting that depilation means the removal of any hair that is unwanted. Consequently, pubic hair depilation doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of all the hair on the intimate parts of your body.

Typically, depilation creams, which require a patch test and can cause a burning sensation in comes cases, do not offer the level of control men are after with their intimate body hair removal.

Instead, trimming pubes is often a preferable method for neatening up the look of straggly pubic hair. In places where you want no hair to appear on your pubic skin at all, shaving is advisable.

Note that trimming and shaving pubic hair is not an either/or option. These days, many men trim part of their pubic hair and shave only selected areas. This allows them to style their pubes in various ways with a look that suits them.

Of course, you can choose to stick with pubic hair trimming only and never shave you intimate body parts. However, if you do want to shave your pubic hair, then it is a good idea to trim them first, especially the first time you groom your pubes. This is because shorter pubic hair is easier to shave without potentially nicking your skin.

Let’s deal with each preferred method – trimming and shaving – in turn so you know how to proceed in a pain-free way.

Advice for Trimming Intimate Parts of the Body

Advice for Trimming Intimate Parts of the Body | Gillette UK

Check out our Ultimate Manscaping Guide because this offers great advice on what to do to trim and shave not only your pubic hair and most intimate parts of the body, but your back, chest and armpit, as well. You can find further body grooming tips from Gillette, too.

The main thing to know about trimming your intimate body parts is that a fixed comb length will be advisable. Use a proper body hair trimmer, not a set of hair clippers, for this sort of job. The Gillette Intimate Trimmer i5 or, its counterpart, the i3 are both ideal for trimming pubes, for example.

When trimming harder-to-access parts of the body, it is best to have a hand mirror nearby so you can see exactly what you are doing. If you are trimming your pubic hair for the first time, use a long setting and reduce it as you make progress, so you don’t remove too much in one go and potentially injure yourself. Trim over a bath or shower tray to capture the falling hair but use a high-grip mat so you don’t slip over and hurt yourself.

Protect your sensitive body parts with our SkinFirst™ Guard and sensitive comb attachment. Trim with small strokes. These can be in any direction but don’t push down onto your skin.

If you’re trimming your balls, stretch your scrotum skin gently by hand to flatten it. When you need to reach between and behind your most intimate body areas, place one leg up on the side of the bath taking care not to overbalance.

Afterwards, shower thoroughly to remove any trimmed hairs so they don’t cause itching or irritation when you have put on your underwear and are moving around.

Advice for Shaving Intimate Parts of the Body

Advice for Shaving Intimate Parts of the Body | Gillette UK

In many ways, the best tips for shaving pubic hair in a pain-free way are the same as for trimming them only with a few extra things to bear in mind.

To begin with, start by bathing or showering and trim your pubes first so they’re shorter and, therefore, easier to shave. Apply plenty of shaving gel or foam to make the passage of the razor more comfortable. The Gillette INTIMATE™ Shaving Cream and Cleanser is a good option because it has been formulated for more intimate parts of the body.

Equally, use a sharp razor with no nicks that might otherwise scratch your skin. The Gillette INTIMATE™ Pubic Hair Razor is a good example of the sort of thing to choose since it is engineered to gently shave your most pubic hair. What’s more, it can be used on your balls as well as the rest of your pubes.

To make shaving your pubic hair a pain-free experience, the best advice is to take your time. Remove the blade head from your handle and fit a new one if you begin to feel dullness. Make an even surface for your razor blade by pulling your groin skin taut with your free hand. Then guide your razor blades with short strokes without applying undue pressure to help avoid unwanted cuts.

Rinse your blades after every stroke or two to keep them clean and ready to shave. Afterwards, wash the area you have shaved with water and avoid a traditional aftershave or eau de Cologne. Doing so would likely cause a sharp sensation of pain. Instead, apply a suitable moisturiser to help prevent the skin from drying out and potentially feeling itchy or irritated .

Overall, whether you trim your pubic hair, shave your intimate body parts or prefer both methods, Gillette’s purpose-built Intimate™ range has been designed to make grooming as straightforward and as pain-free an experience as possible.



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