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Mister Wharff: A Skincare Q&A for Men

Mister Wharff: A Skincare Q&A for Men

At Gillette, we love exploring the different factors that help men to feel their best. For blogger Mister Wharff, it’s looking after his skin and making sure he smells great that allow him to feel like the best man he can be. We recently spoke to him about why this is the case, and discovered how he looks after his skin during and after shaving.

What First Led You to Start Taking Care of Your Skin?

I’ve always had a deep passion for skincare ever since the age of 13. It all began when I suffered from spots and blemishes, which started to affect my confidence and self-esteem, so I started to research online ways to treat and prevent future breakouts.

I truly found learning about the skin and skincare so interesting it gave me inspiration to create my very own blog. At that time, I also stumbled across a well-known male blogger, who was very admirable and knowledgeable, which gave me that additional drive to pursue my website.

What Does Your Daily Skincare Routine Look Like?

Believe it or not, I like to keep my skincare routine simple. My skin tells me what it’s needing, so if I’m appearing a little congested and oily, I would crack open an exfoliating glycolic cleanser to deeply purify and cleanse my skin. I then follow up with my trusty clearing facial oil to treat and rehydrate.

I don’t necessarily use a spot-on treatment, as the majority of the time, if you’re cleansing thoroughly, you shouldn’t need to add on other product to your current skincare routine. Using too many products can make matters worse!

However, I do like to apply a weekly skin treat in the form of a face mask that contains a combination of sulphur, camphor and zinc oxide to balance and clear troublesome skin – I love its distinctive smell.

Do You Have a Different Skincare Routine at Night?

My night time regime is slightly different and more thorough than my morning routine. Checking your mobile and then touching your face is a bit of a daily habit for many of us – myself included! – so make your sure hands are properly clean before touching your face. This is an important step to follow to prevent the potential any uproar on your skin!

I always double cleanse in the evenings to make sure that every bit of dirt, grime and trace of outside pollution is removed. I follow up with a concentrated booster or serum with active ingredients that work in the night while I’m asleep. If my skin is feeling dehydrated, I’ll apply a lightweight moisturiser on top.

How Does Looking After Your Skin Make You Feel?

Looking after my skin has made a big difference in the way I feel on the inside and outside. In fact, it’s provided me with a confidence boost, as I know that when I walk out of the door and my skin looks great, people are going to see that I take pride and care in my appearance.

Friends often comment on how clear and radiant my skin looks, which are great compliments to receive. They ask what products I use so I tell them my top three skincare must-haves depending on their skin concerns, and they always appreciate my recommendations.

You’ve Written On Your Blog About Your Struggle with Acne. Did You Experience Difficulties Shaving at This Time?

Dealing with acne was a real struggle for me during my adolescent years, and it affected my health and wellbeing. Luckily, there was a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to my determination and hours of research – soon my skin began to heal with the correct product use.

I found that wet shaving could make my acne-prone skin worse if I executed it incorrectly. You can feel as though you don’t want to shave if you’re dealing with problematic skin in case it worsens your issues, spreading the spot-causing bacteria, potentially creating a mountain of unwanted blemishes.

My best advice would be to invest in a suitable razor that drips lubrication as you shave away those facial hairs. To reduce friction and irritation on the skin, opt for a quality shaving gel such as the Gillette SkinGuard Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel that’s clinically proven for sensitive skin.

How Do You Usually Care for Your Skin After Shaving These Days?

It all depends on how my skin feels after having a shave. Lots of guys just splash their face using the remaining water from the sink, which may remove some traces from shaving but not all.

I like to wash my skin for the second time using a facial cleanser with minimal fragrance or unnecessary ingredients to wash away any excess residue from the shaving gel/cream/foam.

After cleansing, I like to spritz my face and neck with a facial mist that contains skin-soothing benefits, then I either apply a cooling post-shave balm or a calming facial oil to replenish and comfort the skin.

What Would Be Your Top Piece of Advice for Guys Who Are Just Getting into Skincare?

There’s definitely more than one, for sure! My advice in three easy steps would be to do your research, read well-educated blogs and to not always follow trends from the likes of Instagram or third-party ads. Instagrammers may provide you with some useful knowledge on skincare, but don’t always take their word for it. Blog sites offer so much credibility and realism to the potential reader, after all, that’s how I started.

To begin your skincare journey, start by using a solid purifier, morning and evening. Proper cleansing is your one-way ticket to a clear, healthy complexion. Massage the product into your skin for at least 30 seconds, as this will allow the cleanser to work as promised. Always wash away the product with clean, tepid water to prevent possible dirt becoming trapped in your skin. Once you’ve cracked the code of proper cleansing, you should start to see a visible difference in your skin.

You’re Also Extremely Passionate About Fragrance Over On Your Blog. How Does Smelling Good Impact the Way You Feel?

Fragrance can evoke a special emotion or meaning in each and every one of us. Smells provide us with a positive or negative reaction depending on what our surroundings are or what the product is.

I like to pick a fragrance depending on how I’m feeling on that particular morning, and most of the time it’s a fragrance that provides an uplifting, energising experience – a scent that provides me with a ‘feel-good factor’ to start my day on a positive note.

If I’ve planned an evening with friends or family, I tend to switch for a dark, sensual fragrance – something with a bold statement that stands out from the crowd.

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John Wharff

John Wharff

John Wharff

John (aka Mister Wharff) is extremely passionate about skincare - so much so that he started his own blog dedicated to the topic in 2014. He believes that looking after your appearance can have a big impact in helping you to feel like the best version of yourself. In his spare time, John loves to hit the gym (where he can often be found recommending skincare instead of exercising…), and his claim to fame is that a retweet from Lord Alan Sugar once caused his website to crash.