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Your Complete Guide to Gillette Razor Blades

Gillette razor blade being replaced

With so many different types of razor blades to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start when you first begin shaving.

That’s exactly why we’ve put this guide together, so you can find the best razor blades for you.

The Classics

You’ve probably heard of Mach3 Razor Blades already – they’ve been around a while, so your dad or other guys you know might use them. Mach3 razor cartridges consist of three blades and are designed to bring you a precise, classic shave.

Mach3 razor blades also have an advanced microfin guard, which stretches your skin to create a flat shaving surface ahead of the blades.

If you find you have awkward to shave areas of your face, such as the jawline, try Mach3 Turbo 3D, designed to adapt to your face for a close and efficient shave, even on contours.

Five is Always Better Than One

Our Gillette Fusion5 Razor Blades are incredibly popular, with each one having five anti-friction blades for a shave that you’ll barely even feel. Each cartridge has its own precision trimmer too, which is great for those tricky areas around your nose and ears. There’s also a lubrication strip that’ll start to fade when you’re no longer getting the best shave, so you’ll know when to change your razor blade.

What’s the Difference Between Fusion5 and ProGlide Blades?

Our ProGlide Razor Blades too have an enhanced Lubrastrip with even more lubricants than our Fusion5 blades for an even smoother glide across your face. Using a good shaving gel or foam can also help with this, but you’re sure to be left with an extra smooth finish if your razor has added lubrication all of its own.

ProGlide Blades also have a microcomb, a comb element ahead of the blades to help guide facial hair towards the blades for a more efficient shave.

Shield Your Skin

Shaving sensitive skin or shaving with acne presents some challenges, so you need to make sure you’re shielding your skin from too much direct contact with your razor.

This is exactly what our SkinGuard Sensitive Razor Blades are designed to help with, thanks to the skin guard each one has, which stops too much contact between the blade and your skin. This can help to reduce your risk of razor burn and reduce the amount of razor bumps that can be caused by shaving.

Gillette ProShield Razor Blades are another good option if your skin’s in need of extra protection. Our ProShield Blades feature extra lubrication before and after the blades, with an enhanced lubrastrip compared to our ProGlide Blades.

What’s the Difference Between ProShield and Standard Fusion5 Blades?

Our ProShield blades use our thinnest, finest blades (the same as ProGlide), but with added lubrication before and after each blade array to protect your skin that little bit more.

ProShield blades also have a micro-comb, which is designed to guide your stubble towards the blades to make shaving even easier.

Face Stinging After Shaving?

If you struggle with irritated skin after shaving, give our ProShield Chill Razor Blades a go, as these feature added cooling technology to leave your skin feeling refreshed instead.

Get Razor Blades Through Our Shave Club

Joining Gillette’s shave club means you don’t have to keep thinking about stocking up on new razor blades, as you’ll get them delivered to your door as often as you choose. Newer, sharper blades mean less chance of shaving cuts.

Subscribe to receive regular deliveries of either Fusion5 Razor Blades, ProGlide Razor Blades or SkinGuard Sensitive Razor Blades and just pay postage and packaging.

Gillette's Shave Club: How Our Shaving Subscriptions Work


Gillette's Shave Club: How Our Shaving Subscriptions Work

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