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The Gillette Guide to Choosing Shaving Products

The Gillette Guide to Choosing Shaving Products

With shaving foams, gels, balms and oils to choose from, it can be difficult to know which shaving products to buy.

Each type of shaving cream serves a different purpose, so here’s everything you need to know about when and why to use different shaving products for smooth skin, a healthy beard and comfortable shaves.

What Does Shaving Cream Do?

Shaving cream can refer to either shaving gel or shaving foam, and it should be applied to the face before shaving to soften facial hair and deliver a smoother razor glide for a more comfortable shave.

How to Use Shaving Cream

Simply squirt shaving cream directly onto the palm of your hand before applying it to your face, or use a shaving brush to help you to get even coverage across the surface you’re planning to shave.

How to Lather Shaving Cream

Working up a lather with your shaving foam or shaving gel helps to make sure your skin is protected while you shave. It’s easy to create a lather with a shaving brush, or simply rub the cream between your hands a few times before applying it to your face.

What Does Shaving Foam Do?

Shaving foams provide you with a light, instant lather thanks to their airy texture. They go on pretty thickly, so they’re easy to apply, and they’re quick to wash away too due to their lack of stickiness.

young man applying shaving foam

This makes shaving foam a good choice if you don’t have much time to get up, shaved, dressed and out of the door in the mornings.

Some shaving foams even come with extra protection for your skin, like our SkinGuard Men’s Sensitive Shaving Foam, which has been certified by the British Skin Foundation as suitable for sensitive skin.

What Does Shaving Gel Do?

Like shaving foams, shaving gels are also designed to be used during wet shaving to help reduce your risk of razor burn, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Shaving gels actually produce a slightly richer lather than foams, which means even more protection for your skin and enhanced razor glide for a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Gels tend to be thinner in consistency too, meaning they can spread across your face much more easily. At Gillette, you’ll find shaving gels for sensitive skin, gels that deliver a cooling shaving experience, and gels that team shaving with skincare.

Do I have to use a shaving gel or does soap or running water do?

To get an optimal shave, it is recommended to use a shave gel or shave foam. This will help in 3 ways.

The thick layer of foam:

  1. Helps to keep moisture in the beard hairs, leaving them soft and easier to cut
  2. Provides a protective anti-friction layer and improves razor glide for a more comfortable shaving experience
  3. Allows you to see where you have already shaved, so you don’t have to take too many strokes over the same area

What Does Shaving Oil Do?

Shaving oil is another alternative to a shaving foam or gel. It’s usually applied to the face before shaving for extra lubrication, with a shaving brush often used to ensure even coverage.

When to Use an Aftershave Balm

Using the right products after shaving is just as important as preparing your skin for the razor. A balm can soothe your skin to help stop razor burn from developing, leaving you with a smooth, comfortable finish.

Our Gillette Aftershave Balm is cooling, soothing and hydrating, making it perfect to use on skin that feels sensitive after shaving. A little bit of balm can go a long way, so you only need to apply a small amount at a time, which is why it’s so great for more sensitive skin.

When to Use a Post-Shave Moisturiser

The Gillette Aftershave Moisturiser works in a similar way to our aftershave balm, hydrating skin to help soothe it – however, if you have sensitive skin, the balm may be a little kinder to your skin.

Apply our Aftershave Moisturiser like you would any other lotion – ours even has SPF 15, so you’ll also be helping to protect your skin against sun damage when you use it as part of your post-shave routine.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Using a beard oil can help to keep your facial hair in good condition so it can continue to grow healthily. It does this by nourishing your hair follicles, which can stop your beard hair from becoming brittle, and the skin on your face from becoming dry or flaky.

Apply beard oil after washing your facial hair – you should wash your beard as often as the hair on your head, using shampoo and conditioner.

Although you won’t need to use every kind of shaving product each time you shave, you should be using some form of shave prep and an aftershave product to help to keep your skin and your facial hair in the best possible condition, so you can carry on feeling like the best version of yourself.

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