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Top Stubble Beard Styles for Men

One of the simplest and most stylish ways to groom your facial hair is a stubble beard look. This kind of beard doesn’t need long and bushy growth so you can perfect it in a whole lot less time than something like a handlebar moustache. how to get a stubble beard

To get just a few days’ worth of growth shaped into something that will add a rugged touch to your style, you’ll also need the perfect tools for the job.

So we’ve put together a simple guide on how to care for your facial hair and skin once you’ve trimmed it to perfection with Gillette’s handy and precise grooming tools.

Top Stubble Beard Styles

If you’re not sure what exactly beard stubble is, this kind of growth is a few millimetres long and you should see it appear after a few days of not shaving.

Any guy looking to get a rugged facial hair style with a stubble length should know that beard hair grows in different directions at around 0.27mm a day.

This will vary person to person but gives you a sense of what to expect and can guide you in choosing the right stubble look for you!

How to Shape Stubble

To style facial hair at lots of different lengths, you need some easy-to-use guards that will catch your growth whether it’s  Short or long.

Our tip on how to shape stubble to perfection is the King C. Gillette Beard and Moustache Trimmer which is equipped with three combs and eleven length settings to adapt to any style you’d like to sculpt. To maintain a classic beard stubble look, this trimmer cuts facial hair to 0.5mm when used with no comb.

Best Stubble Styles

Are you looking for some facial hair inspo and not sure which style to go for? These are our top stubble beard looks for any kind of growth up to around 5mm in length.

Remember that every man’s face is unique so you might have stronger growth in different areas – explore each of our stubble looks to find the right grooming look for your facial hair. This will highlight the best features of your face and give you the definition and effortless style that only a well-groomed beard can!

Stubble Goatee

For guys with stronger growth on their chin, a stubble goatee is an easy-to-achieve look that will make your 3-day facial hair look defined and well-groomed.

The goatee leaves things a little longer on your moustache and chin so we suggest using a 3-5mm guard on both. You can then clean up the rest of your face with a clean shave to make this look stand out – a shaving and edging razor is perfect for creating these sharp and defined lines.

Long Stubble

For guys that don’t want to trim every day, a longer stubble beard around 4 to 6mm gives you a longer beard style that still looks professional and groomed.

With this kind of look, using beard oil will help to soften any coarse beard hair and nourish your facial hair as it grows.

Any man growing a beard for the first time will often notice an initial itchy phase – this Argan oil-rich formulation will help your hair and your skin to stay moisturised and comfortable while it grows out.

Patchy Stubble Beard

The best stubble style for you will depend on how your facial hair grows – for any guys noticing patchy areas in their beard, these are our top tips.

Styling a patchy beard is all about highlighting thicker areas and making sure the eye isn’t drawn to gaps. So grab your shorter guard on your beard trimmer and go for an even length across your jaw to keep things looking sharp.

It’s also worth being patient as every guy’s facial hair grows differently and your perfect look might take a little longer to grow out.

3 Day Stubble

A 3-day men’s stubble style can be great if a close shave every day is leaving your skin feeling irritated and sore. For this simple stubble look, you won’t let it go wild; the 3-day look is all about simplicity and symmetry.

So with your versatile, cordless trimmer, we suggest using a 3mm guard and carefully shaving a consistent length across your facial fuzz. This minimal look is great in any setting and avoids out-of-control bushy and unkempt hair.

Moustache with Stubble

Our last tip for anyone looking for men’s stubble styles with a whole lot of flair is to let that upper lip hair grow out.

Unlike some other moustache styles which go for a clean shaved look across the rest of your face, the stubble moustache is a blended look that draws your upper lip hair into your new beard.

To make this style your own why not try out a more flamboyant moustache like a handlebar? This curled style calls for some high-quality beard balm – our formulation is easy to spread and can gently shape your new beard style

Now that you know some of the top stubble styles out there, it’s time to try out a simple and easy facial hair look for yourself.

Ready to get the stylish stubble look that you’ve always dreamed of? Explore the King C. Gillette range now to find all the tools and grooming essentials you’ll need!  



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