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How to Straighten Beard Hair

How to Straighten Beard Hair | Gillette UK

Beard straightening. Now, that’s not something you hear every day, is it? So, before you go rogue with your partner’s hair straightener hear us out, for there are better ways you can get straight, silky and smooth beard locks than raiding your fellow lady’s closets!

First things first: why should I even bother straightening my beard? Beard straightening is not for everyone. Some like big bushy beards and would never compromise their untamed rugged wild looks with the precision of a flat-iron straightener! Others despise those wiry beard tangles that frizz out despondently from the neat look they’ve patiently styled. So, here’s where beard straightening starts to get its appeal.

Plus, if you’ve recently seen more and more men with the perfect straight beard look and wondered how they got beards that smooth, now you know the secret: beard straightening! Are you keen to get silkier beards that can be styled more easily? Then read on as we’ll explain how to get a straight beard and how to keep it looking straight for longer.

How to Straighten your Beard

If you’re new to beard straightening, you’re probably wondering what tools and products to use to get the desired silky-smooth effect. But with so many products out there all claiming to offer the best results, it’s sometimes hard to pick the right option. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top tips on how to straighten beard hair:

The Best Tools for Beard Straightening

If you’re wondering how to straighten beards and the first thing that comes to mind is a hair straightener, think again. It is time men left the hair straighteners out of their beard care routine once and for all! Plus, there are many other tools you can use to get a smooth beard, including combs and brushes:

  • Beard Comb – you can straighten your unruly beard using a regular wide toothed beard comb. Simply comb your beard hairs whilst holding a blow drier a safe distance away from your face.
  • Blow Drying Beard Brush – these beard brushes work similarly to how a blow drier would. They generate hot air that is then blown out through the bristles. The hot air helps you style your beard hairs in the desired look more easily.
  • Heated Beard Straighteners – now, the main difference between beard straighteners and flat iron hair straighteners is that flat irons stamp the hair down flattening them and also potentially causing damage to your skin, whereas beard straighteners gently glide through the strands whilst applying heat. Unlike blow drying beard brushes which use hot air, beard straighteners contain an internal heating element that physically heats up the brush.

The Best Products for Beard Straightening

Discover the Best Products to Straighten Beard Hair | Gillette UK

Whilst you might think beard straightening is all about using hot tools, that’s simply not the case. So, if you’re wondering how to get a straight beard without using any heat sources, here’s our list of best products to use:

  • Beard Oil – using a moisturising beard oil like King C. Gillette’s Beard Oil regularly can help smoothen out your facial hair making it appear straighter. Comb your beard after applying the oil to get the best results.
  • Comb & Brush – combing and brushing your beard regularly can also make your facial hairs look straighter, we recommend you detangle any beard knots with a comb first, and then style your beard by using a brush.
  • Straightening Creams – wondering how to make beards straight using hair relaxant products? If your beard hairs are especially unruly, opt for beard creams with chemical beard relaxants which usually contain active ingredients that penetrate into the hair shaft and break down the keratin bonds resulting in straighter looking beard hairs.

How to Keep Beard hair Straight

Right, so you’ve used the beard straightening tools or opted for the products and your beard is looking in tip-top condition. You might now be wondering how to keep your beard straight. To keep your style, fix it with a beard wax or balm like King C. Gillette’s Beard Balm. However, the best advice to keep your beard looking smoother for longer is to regularly wash, condition and comb it using products specifically designed for your beard.

Whilst moderate heat application to your beard shouldn’t cause any damage to your beard, remember that repeated use of heat sources may dry your skin and beard.

Smooth, Soft Straight Beard Hairs

Now that you’re in on the secret, getting smoother, silkier straighter hair that lasts longer should be easier than ever. Here’s to perfectly styled beards no matter the weather!

Will you give beard straightening a go?


Can I straighten my beard when it’s wet?

We recommend you don’t use any hot tools on your beard when it’s wet as it may cause damage to your hair. That’s because the water absorbed in your beard will react to the heat by boiling and expanding which could damage the hair shaft.

Is it safe to use heated tools on my beard?

Yes, heated tools designed specifically for beards are safe to use. If you over-use heated tools or don’t use them correctly, you may cause damage to your beard or face. Follow the recommended product guidelines to ensure you’re using the tools correctly.

How can I make my beard straight with a blow drier?

The blow drier method has been used for decades and can get your beard looking smooth and straight. However, it takes longer to achieve the desired look. You’ll have to wash your beard and blow dry it as you comb it.





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