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How to Grow and Maintain a Curly Beard

How to Grow and Maintain a Curly Beard
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Think your beard is simply too curly? Well - first off - we think there’s no such thing as too curly a beard, but if your wild curls are really driving you mad, then fret not, for there are a lot of ways you can tame the bush! 

From understanding which curly beard styles suit you best, to finding the best beard comb for curly beards and the best products for your facial hairs – this article will be your go-to guide to all things curly beard related.  

But first, let’s get to the bottom of this curly conundrum, why is beard hair curly?   

Why is Beard Hair Curly? 

To some extent, a large proportion of men grow curly beards. Some beards only have minor kinks along the way, others have full-on frizzy curls. Whatever your beard kink, all beards can look fab, especially if you pick the right curly beard styles and use the right products.   

But why on earth are some beards curlier than others? Well, the reason why your beard is curly is down to genetics and the individual shape of your hair follicles. These two factors might be set in stone, but your beard care routine can have a dramatic effect on your curly beard, helping those sometimes-unruly hairs smoothen out.  

How to Control a Curly Beard

Your curly, frizzy, wild-looking beard might seem to have an agenda of its own, but don’t worry, we’re about to give you some excellent tips on how to override that!  

So, if you’re wondering how to manage a curly beard, here’s some essential steps you should take: 

Find the best beard comb for curly hair

Curly beards demand a little more attention, but trust us, your efforts will be rewarded! That’s because well-kept lush full-looking curly beards will really stand out in a crowd making you feel confident and alluring.  

Taming curly beards starts with picking the right comb. If you have a curly moustache and beard, then pick combs with wide teeth made from high-quality material. Some of the best combs are made in wood or natural materials that don’t tug at your beard. For tips on the best beard tools, check our guide to beard brushing and combing 

Wondering how to comb a curly beard? Always comb using gentle downward strokes. If your beard is tangled, never pull or tug as this can cause hair breakage. Add some beard oil to help detangle the wispy hairs and watch your beard get silky smooth!  

Find the right beard products for curly hair

Worrying how to stop curly beard hair? Is your beard too curly? Are you going out of your mind trying to coexist with your facial hair? Taming your curly beard needn’t be a chore. Simply arm yourself with the right beard products for curly hair and your frizzy hair drama will end in no time! 

Keeping those curly hairs at bay is as easy as applying the right styling products. Start off with a beard oil like King C Gillette’s Beard Oil which is enriched with nourishing ingredients like avocado, jojoba and argan oil that penetrate the hair making it softer and smoother.  

The next step is to add beard balms to your styling routine. King C Gillette’s Beard Balm can either be used as a rinse off conditioner or left in the beard for extra moisture.

How to stop curly beard hair

If you’re at your wits end with those pesky curls, you’re probably thinking how to straighten a curly beard. Luckily for you, there’s plenty of ways you can make your curly beard straighter.  

The first method is to wash your beard using a beard wash like King C Gillette’s Beard and Face Wash and then use the good old brush and blow drier technique, brushing your beard using downward motions as you apply the hot air.  

The second way you can tackle curly beards is to use heated beard combs.  If you’re looking how to stop curly beard hair fast, invest in a heated beard comb or brush which works similarly to how a hair straightener would, but keeps your precious beard hair safe from strong heated sources which may damage your beard.

The Best Curly Beard Styles

Discover the Best Curly Beard Styles | Gillette UK

Now that you know how to look after your curly mane, it’s time for you to experiment with the many different curly beard styles on offer. From the curly beard short boxed style to the curly moustache and beard looks, having a curly beard works wonders for the following styles:  

Garibaldi Curly Beard

The Garibaldi style is a full, luscious, thick style of beard – perfect for those who grow big curly beards and aren’t scared of flaunting them! If you’ve got a naturally curly moustache and beard, this is the look for you because curly beards tend to be more voluminous, which is exactly what the Garibaldi style needs! 

Friendly Mutton Chop Curly Beard

The friendly mutton chop style is definitely curly beard-friendly! This style looks best when there’s hair volume to work with, so if you’re wondering how to shape a curly beard, this might just be the look for you. Use styling tools like King C Gillette’s Beard Trimmer to easily get the definition this style requires.

Medium Stubble Curly Beard

Don’t want to commit to longer curly beard styles? Short beard looks look just as great! Let your 5 o’clock shadow grow a little more and you’ll get the perfect medium stubble look, and since you have curly hairs, this look will immediately look fuller and more defined. 

Rock Your Curly Beard Proudly

We always want what we can’t have, but if you were gifted with naturally curly beard locks, we hope this guide to curly beard hair has inspired and refreshed your appreciation for your awesome beard!  

What curly beard style will you go for?  


What’s the best way to tame a curly beard?

Keeping your beard moisturised with beard oils and balms will help reduce frizz and make styling it easier. Regularly brushing or combing your curly beard will also help tame wiry curls and improve the overall appearance of your beard.  

Can I straighten my curly beard when its wet?

Avoid straightening your hair with hot tools if it’s still wet. That’s because the small amount of water absorbed in the hair will expand when heated tools make contact, leading to breakage or damage.  

How often should I wash my curly beard?

Washing your beard regularly using beard specific products can help keep your beard clean and moisturised. Wash your beard daily or at least a few times a week and you’ll notice your unruly curls will be much easier to maintain.  

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