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Transform Your Grooming Routine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Transform your Grooming Routine with This Shaving Regimen | Gillette Labs UK

Whether it’s your first time shaving or it’s something you do daily, shaving is something most men do since puberty-but it’s not without its challenges. Men’s grooming can become a battle against nicks, cuts, burns, razor bumps and shaving irritation in the search for a personal style that helps you look and feel great.

That’s why Gillette Labs crafted a complete set of tools for an easy and effortless shave, helping you prevent irritation while easily getting the results you want.

We compiled a step-by-step guide that’ll help you upgrade your routine from a chore to a full sensory experience—and hone your personal style with Gillette Labs while you’re at it.

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Step 1: Get ready for your shave with a gel or foam

Prep your face with gel or foam before shaving | Gillette Labs UK

Shaving isn’t just about the blades—it’s about what comes before and after too. Prepping your face for a shave with a gel or foam will help the razor glide with minimal effort and extra comfort for a quick and smooth shave.

Want less hassle when cleaning up? Go with the Gillette Labs Quick Rinse Shaving Foam: its lightweight formula rinses clean quickly and easily—and helps protect skin against shaving irritation.

Gillette Pro Tip:

Start your shaving routine by gently rubbing warm water over your cheeks and neck—this will remove excess oil and grime. Then lather your preferred product over your face: use just enough to cover your stubble or beard.

Both water and shave gel or foam will help soak and soften your facial hair for an easy cut. You can make it even easier by applying the product in an upward motion, making the hair stand up and away from your face.

Step 2: Exfoliate and Shave

Dirt, debris and dead skin cells make your skin’s surface uneven, and all of that gets in the way of your razor’s path while you shave. Exfoliating is essential for optimal blade-hair interaction: it sweeps contaminants away and clears skin for a close shave—that means less bumps in the way.

Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar is a razor with built-in exfoliation technology designed to help remove dirt and debris before the blades pass. Use it for a shave as quick and easy as washing your face. You can also choose the Gillette Labs Heated Razor for soothing warmth and the feeling of a hot towel shave.

Gillette Pro Tip:

To start, make sure your blades are sharp. Blunt edges means more tug and pull when cutting facial hair—which translates into friction and shaving irritation. You need sharp, clean blades every time: proper tools make all the difference when shaving. To ensure you have sharp blades, change them regularly.

For the moment of truth, you can let your razor do the work – you only need to apply gentle pressure with your strokes. Be sure to shave with the grain, going in the same direction your hair moves: shave forward to avoid ingrown hairs and shave bumps.

Remember to rinse the blade between strokes—a clean razor minimizes friction and drag. Rinse it when you’re done and store it upright. This will keep your razor clean and dry until your next shave.

Step 3: Moisturise and hydrate

Hydrating your skin is vital for a complete routine that makes your shave stand out. Top off your grooming with aftershave or moisturiser, like the Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturiser. It’s the perfect addition to any man’s grooming kit and shaving regime.

That’s because shaving doesn’t just remove facial hair: it scrapes dead skin cells and debris away too. Exfoliating can help with the shave, but it could compromise your skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving it vulnerable to irritation, redness and tightness after your shear. Hydrating after shaving replenishes this moisture barrier and helps protect your skin against shaving irritation.

Gillette ProTip:

You’re almost there! Once you’re done shaving, rinse and pat your face and neck dry with a clean towel.

Just gently apply your moisturizer of choice with circular motions after your shave for a grand finale.

Make this part of your grooming routine more comfortable by using lighter formulas that deliver powerful ingredients with a breathable feel—like the Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturizer. It leaves behind a non-greasy and refreshing sensation that’ll help you face the day—and get the style you want.

A Few More Tips

No matter how well you prepare, you might still get razor bumps and burns from time to time. But don’t worry, there are solutions to these issues.

  • How do I get rid of razor bumps?

If you’re dealing with ingrown hairs, avoid shaving that area for a few days. This will give your hair time to grow back to the surface. Don’t scratch or pick at your ingrowns, as that might lead to irritation. Once the hair is more accessible to your razor, proceed with your regular shaving regimen.

  • How can I soothe shaving irritation?

After each shave, use a skincare product like the Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturizer to help refresh your skin and replenish moisture. Also, while you’re shaving, make sure you’re not using dull blades. Gillette Labs Razor Blade Refills fit all Gillette Labs razors. Just click them onto your Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar or Gillette Labs Heated Razor for smooth, comfortable shaves, every time.

Transform Your Shaving Routine

Treat yourself with the right tools and techniques for shaving | Gillette Labs UK

What’s most important about shaving is to enjoy the process. Your grooming ritual is a moment to celebrate yourself and your style. A quality grooming kit and the right shaving regime will help you upgrade your shave from a chore to a full sensory experience. Get the right tools and technique with Gillette Labs razors, foams and gels: they’re powerful allies for a great shave that feels great and helps you look your best.

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