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How to Shape a Chevron Moustache

How to Shape a Chevron Moustache

The Chevron moustache is making a bold comeback. It’s certainly a style statement, as it’s wider and more defined than any other moustache style, but it’s a great way to show some of your personality on your face.

A Chevron moustache is a big commitment. Stay on top of your Chevron moustache trimming with careful, regular attention and styling, and it’ll define your whole look. If you do change your mind about it, you can easily turn it into a classic, original moustache, so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Follow our Chevron moustache guide and you’ll have mastered this timeless ‘stache in no time.

man with a chevron moustache

A Chevron moustache works particularly well on an oval face shape – if your face is squarer, it could end up making your face look very wide, so bear this in mind.

What is a Chevron Moustache?

A Chevron moustache style is a ‘tache that is shaped to angle downwards towards the corners of your mouth. It’s more subtle than a horseshoe moustache and shorter than a walrus style, but the general direction of growth is the same.

Across the rest of your upper lip, a Chevron moustache should be full and thick, but trimmed so its bottom edge stops just above your top lip.

The Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer (which doubles up as a moustache trimmer) will be your new best pal if you’re growing a Chevron moustache, as you can use it to trim, shave and edge your facial hair.

How to Shave a Chevron Moustache

To shape your Chevron moustache, choose one of the three fixed length combs (2mm, 4mm and 6mm) that come with the Gillette Styler to comb the hair downwards, then start to trim just a little bit of your ‘tache at a time.

Keep the fullness in the centre of your upper lip while trimming your Chevron moustache, but create an angled, Chevron-like design at the outer edges. Check your work as you go, making sure it’s symmetrical.

For crisp, defined lines at the edges, prepare your skin by applying a shaving gel that’s suitable for your skin type – go for our SkinGuard Sensitive range if you have sensitive skin – and use the ProGlide razor blade that comes with the All Purpose Styler for a smooth, neat finish.

Then, give the skin around your sharp new Chevron style a little extra TLC by applying an aftershave product to hydrate and soothe your skin. If you want to style a Chevron moustache with stubble, be sure to define your neckline with our guide and regularly exfoliate your neck to help avoid ingrowing hairs.

How to Groom a Chevron Moustache

You’ll need to trim a Chevron moustache every few days depending on how fast your hair grows. In between, make sure you’re keeping your ‘tache well-groomed by washing it with warm water and a nourishing beard wash such as the King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash.

After you’ve mastered Chevron moustache trimming, using our plant based and softening King C. Gillette Beard Oil can help to keep it extra stylish and nourished – apply just a little bit at a time to avoid a greasy or dripping look.

The upkeep a Chevron moustache style requires isn’t for everyone – find the perfect facial hair style for you.



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