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Low-Maintenance Haircuts and Beards for a New Dad

New Dad: Low Maintenance Haircuts & Beards | Gillette UK

Becoming a new dad is both the most exhilarating and nerve-wracking thing most men will ever experience. This new small human will become the centre of your life and your priorities will invariably change. It’s normal to begin to favour practicality over style. However, with this selection of low-maintenance haircuts and beard styles, you really can achieve both.

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Our Favourite Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts

The Clean Shave

Because the clean shave look requires minimal styling (you won’t have any hair to style, after all), there’s little need to regularly visit the barbers, saving you time and money that you likely have other uses for now.

While knowing how to get a clean shave is one thing (keeping it even and neat is the key!), knowing how to maintain a clean shave is all about consistency. Trim every other day to prevent a patchy appearance .

If you’re considering a clean shave, we recommend going for the “bald man with beard” look, as this not only makes a shorter beard more prominent but helps to give your face.

This is also one of those low-maintenance short, grey hairstyles that have become popular with older dads, as the clean-shaven look is a fountain of youth haircut that can really roll back the years.

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The Buzz cut Haircut

A buzz cut is easy-to maintain short haircut for new dads | Gillette UK

The buzz cut is a great at-home haircut to hold you over until your next trip to the barbers. When thinking of a buzz cut, images of a military recruit may pop up to mind – but this hairstyle is far more versatile than it’s given credit for.

While there’s the standard induction buzz cut, a uniform grade all over haircut which is probably the safest haircut to practice with if it’s your first time, there are other variations of the buzz cut to try too.

These include:

The Crew Cut

The crew cut: a Low Maintenance Haircut for new Dads | Gillette UK

This style involves the sides and back being tapered and being no longer than a quarter inch, while the top is left long, usually about an inch in height. It’s definitely an edgy look.

The Fade

A new dad sports a low-maintenance fade | Gillette UK

Unlike an induction buzz cut or crew cut, there is no uniform hair length with a fade. Rather, there’s a gradient effect from the top of the head to the sides with the longer hair blending into the skin as super short stubble. This makes it one of the more dynamic buzzcut hairstyles to go for.

Our Favourite Low-Maintenance Medium Length Haircuts

When it comes to low-maintenance haircuts, thick hair can also be accommodated. Hair doesn’t need to look like stubble to be manageable. There are several low-maintenance short, wavy hairstyles you can go for too.

The Taper Haircut

A low-maintenance taper hairstyle on a new dad | Gillette UK

The taper haircut is a longer variation of the fade. Both create a gradient visual, but the taper haircut sees the hair at the top grow up to 4 inches, rather than the 1-2 inches recommended for a fade. A taper haircut also declines in length much more gradually than a fade and there isn’t such a dramatic difference in length between the sides and the top.

It’s a haircut that allows you to grow your hair out neatly without losing the dynamic nature of a fade.

The Undercut Haircut

A low-maintenance hairstyle on a new dad| Gillette UK

The undercut is a haircut reintroduced into the cultural zeitgeist by period drama TV shows. For a look that’s as trendy as it is, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off from the comfort of your own home with your trimmer.

To achieve this iconic look, use your trimmer to cut the sides and back low, while keeping the hair on top a normal to medium length. This creates a striking contrast and gives off a classic aura of manliness and confidence – no doubt helped by the characterisation of period drama gangsters.

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Peaky Blinders Style Haircut: The Undercut

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Short and Simple Beard Styles

When you’re a new parent, you don’t want to spend those precious hours in between your child’s naps working away at a finicky beard. A simple solution is to go for a shorter, stubbly look, like the 5 o’clock shadow.

The 5 o’clock Shadow Beard

Also known as “designer stubble”, this is a great look for men with oval faces and the perfect lazy day beard, as it only requires a light, daily trim.

It’s not as flattering on men with square or rectangular jawlines, though short stubble can lend a weak jawline some shape, it has diminishing returns for a jawline that’s already broad. Instead, a slightly thicker beard is needed, like the short boxed beard.

A new dad snuggles his baby whislt sporting a 5 o'clock shadow| Gillette UK

The Short Boxed Beard

Another short beard style that’s easy to maintain, this look is all about short sideburns and a grown-out beard. Trimming your sideburns draws more attention to your beard, meaning you won’t need to grow it out too long to make an impact. A little will go a long way. A regular trim every few days to keep your sideburns clean shaven and your beard neat is all that’s required.

Being a new parent is tough, but we hope that our list is the new dad gift that’ll keep you feeling stylish even when your life is at its most hectic.



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