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How to Get the Perfect 5 o’Clock Shadow

How to Get the Perfect 5 o’clock Shadow | Gillette UK

The 5 o’clock shadow has long been a look that men have tried to avoid, but designer stubble has become a stylish look all of its own in recent years. 

If you’re dressed smart, you’ve been taking care of your skin and your facial hair looks neat, there’s no reason why you can’t make a 5 o clock shadow beard work for you. 

If you remove 5 o’clock shadow growth everyday it can quickly become time consuming so styling this look saves on time and effort. 

Whether you end up with a 5 o’clock shadow most afternoons anyway, or if you like the idea of having designer stubble rather than the beard you’ve got at the moment, Gillette shaving equipment makes the perfect 5 o’clock shadow razor to help you to keep this look smart and stylish.  

What is a 5 o’clock Shadow?

‘5 o’clock shadow’ refers to the faint stubble growth that many men get in the late afternoon when it’s been a whole day or so since their last shave. 

When it used to be the social norm to shave every single morning or be seen as scruffy, it would be around 5 o’clock in the afternoon that a very faint moustache and beard line known as a 5 o’clock shadow look started to appear. 

For some men, this fast hair growth is unavoidable, so you need to be able to own the look. It’s not usually as flattering on square or rectangular face shapes or for men with lighter hair – dark hair and an oval face tend to suit a permanent 5 o’clock shadow best. 

The beauty of experimenting with facial hair is that it can easily be changed again, so there’s no harm in giving it a go – you can always grow it longer or shave off the 5 o’clock shadow look if it isn’t working for you. 

How to Make a 5 o’clock Shadow Work for You

Stubble can look stylish when it’s neat and not too long. The key to this is keeping it trimmed – our best 5 o clock shadow trimmer is the Gillette All Purpose Styler, thanks to its precision beard trimmer. To get a 5 o’clock shadow look this should be your go-to tool. 

Dressing well and keeping the hair on your head neat can also help a 5 o’clock shadow to look more stylish, as can taking good care of your skin. Alongside finding the best 5 o’clock shadow trimmer for you, use a shaving gel or foam that’s designed to hydrate and moisturise your skin, and by make sure you cleanse properly after every shave. 

Your shaving technique is also important – if your 5 o’clock shadow razor leaves half of your face is covered in red bumps and the rest is covered in stubble, you’ll look rather unkempt. Gentle strokes are key to avoiding razor bumps – read more about reducing your risk of bumps and ingrown hairs. 

How to Manage Razor Bumps

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How to Manage Razor Bumps

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How to Get a 5 o’clock Shadow

The easiest way to get a 5 o’clock shadow-style beard is to simply let your hair grow for a few hours – or a couple of days if your facial hair doesn’t grow quite that quickly. Use our All Purpose Styler as your 5 o’clock shadow trimmer to keep it neatly shaped for a smart look. 

If you’ve got a longer, bushier beard and you want to turn it into a 5 o’clock shadow, then the process needs a little more work. Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Trim Your Facial Hair

If you want to turn a longer beard into a perfectly styled 5 o’clock shadow, the first step needs to be trimming your facial hair. For those wondering how to get 5 o’clock shadow our Gillette All Purpose Styler beard trimmer comes with three interchangeable combs and four different trimming levels, so you can experiment to find the look that suits you and your face shape best. 

Start off with a longer comb when styling the the 5 o’clock shadow look rather than a shorter one – remember you can always take more hair away, but you can’t instantly put it back. Learn more about how to trim a beard successfully.

Step 2: Shape Your Beard

Keep hold of your All Purpose Styler and use it to shape the edges of your beard for a 5 o’clock shadow that looks neat but natural at the same time. 

The beard hairs in this style are usually short, so use the precision trimmer to cut off any hairs that curl at the edges or that look particularly wiry. This is how to get 5 o’clock shadow look that isn’t messy or unkempt.  

Take your time to tidy around the edges with your 5 o clock shadow trimmer for a much more polished look. 

Step 3: Shave Your Beard Neckline

You should also shave your beard neckline, as the 5 o’clock shadow usually features stubble on your upper lip and down towards your chin, but not on the neck. Make your facial hair look designer but effortless at the same time by attaching one of our Gillette Fusion blades to your All Purpose Styler, an ideal 5 o clock shadow trimmer to help you achieve a close shave on your neck. 

Every Fusion5 blade includes a precision trimmer on the back making it an ideal razor for 5 o’clock shadow and removing hair from hard-to-reach areas. So you can be sure it’ll be able to remove every single hair on your neck for a smart and stylish finish. 

Step 4: What to Do After You’ve Shaved

Even if you’re sticking with your natural 5 o’clock shadow look and just shaving off the hair on your neck, you should follow our recommended post-shave routine. 

Your Step-by-Step Post-Shave Routine

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Your Step-by-Step Post-Shave Routine

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It involves using hot water to wash away any remaining shaving foam or gel before splashing your face and neck with cold water. You should then apply your preferred aftershave balm or lotion to keep your skin moisturised and smooth for a clean and stylish permanent 5 o’clock shadow. If you don’t already have aftershave balm at hand, have a look at the Gillette Aftershave Balm. 

Ultimately, for a 5 o’clock shadow that looks like it was always meant to be there, you just need patience and the right tools. When you choose Gillette’s best shaver for a 5 o’clock shadow, performance and precision are guaranteed. 



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