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So, you woke up one morning and as you nonchalantly washed your face in front of the bathroom mirror you got a glimpse of something silvery, shiny, bright. Blind-sighted by this vision, you looked away in horror squinting your eyes (and probably getting soap in them) and then amidst the terror of your out-of-bed experience realised that your most precious beloved beard had become…

…even more prized!

That’s right gents, your beard has turned a rich silver colour and we think this is a moment to savour and celebrate! Remember the joys of first getting a beard as a teen? Well, the next stage in your beard’s beautiful life has come, so pop the champagne and ring your mates. Your time to look swanky and sophisticated has finally arrived and there’s no going back from here.

Before we dive into the diverse ways of rocking a great grey beard style, lets address some key questions and bust some myths surrounding everything grey hair!

Why Does Hair Go Grey?

Dyeing hair white or grey has become pretty popular in salons, a clear indication that these colours aren’t disdained as in previous generations – but why do we get grey hair as we get older?

Melanocyte cells are responsible for producing pigment in the skin and hair. But as we grow older, they become less efficient at producing melanin which is why hair can turn grey or white.

Dr Netter, a specialist in cosmetic dermatology, explains: “Hair and beard whitening is a physiological occurrence of an ageing hair follicle. There is no average age to first have white hair – it depends on genetics.”

The average age for men’s hair to turn grey is around 50, but some guys will turn silver or even white from the age of 20.

Why is Grey Hair Thicker?

You may notice your new grey or white locks feel a lot thicker than before. This is because your hair stops producing melanin as it did before. This has an impact on the way your new hair naturally grows, making it coarser and potentially more brittle. This will vary from person to person.

Some silver foxes won’t notice any changes in the texture of their hair, whereas others may find their new grey hair harder to manage.

If the latter sounds like you, don’t pull your hair out over it! A simple hack to manage coarser hair is to use shampoo that’s formulated for dry hair, which will usually contain nourishing products like argan oil or coconut oil.

Pulling Out Grey Hairs

Ever heard someone say that if you pull out those pesky grey hairs, they’ll grow back with a vengeance?  Well, let urban legends remain firmly out of your skincare routine, there’s no scientific evidence for. So, if you feel compelled to pluck the odd grey strand, rest assured it’ll have no effect on the rest of your hair.

But what pulling out hair does do is harm the follicles and potentially prevent new hairs from growing in that area in the future. So, if the compromise is between grey hairs and no hairs, we definitely know what team we’re in!

Does Grey Hair Mean You Won’t Go Bald?

We’ll call this one out straight away – developing grey hair doesn’t prevent you from going bald, as disappointing as that might sound at first. The pace at which our hair thins or goes grey is all about genetics, as well as a range of lifestyle factors including stress, smoking, medical conditions, and even your diet.

Most men will notice some form of hair loss or greying during their lives. This is perfectly normal and should be embraced. But just because you can’t grow your full mane, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your beard or hair styles.  Hit the link to find the best hairstyles of a receding hairline.

Grey Head Hair vs Grey Facial Hair

When it comes to grey hairs, there’s no definite rule. On some men, they may show up on their beards first, for others, on their head.

Of course, the texture of head hair and facial hair is different; this is because beard hair is exposed to stronger hormonal control – follicles need more testosterone to produce facial hair. This means beard hair can be thicker and coarser, which could lead to white hairs standing out a lot more.

Another main difference you may have noticed, is that hair ageing and shedding typically lasts for several years, whilst the growth cycle for your beard is much faster.  Therefore, it can seem as though the hair in your beard is going grey or white much faster than the hair on your head.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s celebrate your new embracement of the silver fox life! Read on to discover the best grey beard styles to suit your face.

Best Grey Beard Styles

They say every cloud has its silver lining. We say every gents’ beard, no matter what they initially think of greying hairs – gets to have its stellar silvery moment too! It’s no surprise that men with white, silver or grey well-groomed luscious beards get heads turning.

When rocking the silver fox look, men ooze sophistication and know-how. Look at it this way, white beards have long been signifiers for wisdom, truth, and knowledge. Think about Raphael’s monumental depiction of Plato rocking the long white beard pointing to the heavens in absolute conviction. Now imagine it without the beard. Not the same, right?

So, without further ado, here’s what we think are the best white, silver, or grey beard styles to choose from.

Short Grey Beard Styles

There are many short grey beard styles to choose from, from the silver stubble and the goatee to the short-boxed beard. Rocking short beards may seem ‘easier’ than looking after long ones but to keep it looking heathy and swish, we still recommend you regularly condition your short grey hairs with beard oils and balms.

Silver Stubble

Opt for the silver stubble if you want to go for a practical but refined look that offers just a glimpse of silver to everyday proceedings! This style is easy to keep but does require regular trimming using a trimmer like Gillette’s Styler Trimmer, Shaver & Beard Edger.

Grey Goatee

If you want to add some panache to your style, then a short grey beard goatee will do the trick. Simply shave your face using a smooth comfortable razor like Gillette’s ProGlide Razor and shave your facial hair in the preferred goatee style choosing between looks with a moustache like the Balbo or without, keeping it simple with a soul patch.

White Whiskers

 Now, whilst deciding to only keep your moustache hairs might seem limiting at first, you’ll be surprised by the amount of styles you can get creative with. From the quirky Dali and Handlebar taches to the demurer lampshade styles, styling your white whiskers can really add extra finesse to your look.

Long Grey Beard Styles

For those of you who want to keep their long lush locks well and truly into their silver fox years, then follow our guide to our favourite long grey beard styles. But remember, looking after your full beard needs regular upkeeping including brushing, combing, and conditioning using hydrating oils.

Silver Van Dyke

Look distinguished with a silver Van Dyke beard. To keep this classic style looking well-maintained, use a beard balm like Gillette’s Beard Balm which helps you condition and style your facial hairs into the desired shape.

Grey Garibaldi

One of the most popular long grey beard styles is the Garibaldi with its full, wide perfectly unkept look. . To keep this rounded full beard looking great use conditioning products like Gilettes Beard Oil which leave your facial hair with a healthy-looking shine.

The Full White

Bigger sometimes really is better. Especially if you’re after a show-stopper style like the big, full, wholly white beard look! Rocking the majestic full white exhumes confidence, style and wisdom so be prepared to share your story with the world, we’re ready to listen! Choose looks like the Bandholz or Viking styles but remember that with these full beards, it is essential you brush and comb your beard regularly to keep it looking and feeling great.

Grey Beard Styles for Bald Men

Grey beard styles also work for bald men | Gillette UK

When the hair on your dome is missing you can really step up your beard game! There are many grey beard styles for bald men, in fact, all beard styles look great in various shades of silver, grey or white. To find out the best bold head and beard style for your face we recommend you read our guide to bald head shapes & beard styles.

Nailing the Grey Beard Style

White, silver, or grey beards can look dashing and add an air of sophistication and savoir faire to your look. Learning how to enhance and valorise your silver locks can unlock a world of wisdom and flair – so make sure you keep your grey beard styles well-groomed and looked after!


How should I care for my grey beard?

Focus on a good beard care routine. Wash your beard regularly using conditioning beard shampoos such as the King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash and use beard oils or balms to keep it moisturised.

Why is my white beard turning yellow?

Yellowing is a common problem as hairs age and your beard is no exception. The yellow tint may come from your grey hairs losing their pigment which makes it vulnerable to getting coloured by foreign materials. You can use specially formulated silver or purple shampoos to neutralise the yellow tone.

Can I dye my beard?

Yes, you can dye you beard using conventional hair dyes but if you have sensitive skin we recommend you ask your barber or hair specialist first as the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. To know more about hair and beard dyeing, read our guide to hair and beard dyeing on our blog.



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