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The Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Beard Softener

Having soft hair is all the rage. But when it comes down to our facial hair, many of us forget to put in the extra effort. The result? A shiny, soft head of hair and a wiry, dry frizzy-looking beard. Not ideal.

Luckily, turning your wispy strands into a luscious beard is by no means a difficult feat. In fact, if you follow our step-by-step guide to getting a soft beard, you’ll be prancing around with beard hair so soft that it’ll surely be the talk of the town!

But gents – it’s not just about looking dapper. A soft beard is also a sign of a healthy beard that can keep growing strong without breaking or causing itchiness. So, whilst not all men with beards are born with naturally velvety manes, all men with beards can get super-soft beard locks if they follow our tips.

How to Get a Soft Beard

Let’s be honest, the benefits of having a soft beard definitely outweigh the time and dedication you’ll have to put in. Not to mention, your beard won’t feel as itchy, it’ll be easier to style and, most importantly – your partner will thank you for it.

Yes, long gone are the days of brash, impenetrable and – might we add – kiss-repelling beards. It’s all about looking rugged and masculine but without having to endure the harsh reality of wispy, uncollaborative facial hair!

So, whether you’re one of the lucky ones born with a naturally soft mane or, like the rest of us, desperately need to balm it to make it – here’s how you can soften your beard:

Use a Beard Softener Shampoo

Over-cleanse your beard and it’ll dry out, under-cleanse it and you’ll end up with a greasy, unpleasant-looking mane. Getting that balance right is important, but what’s even more crucial is using the right products.

If you’re currently washing your beard with hair shampoo or body washes, do your locks a favour and stop immediately. No, we won’t call the beard police, but that’s one hefty hair crime you’re committing!

The best way to lock in moisture and prevent your beard from becoming dry, brittle and prone to breakage is to use shampoos specially formulated for beards. Try King C Gillette’s Beard Shampoo and Face Wash which is packed with avocado, coconut and argan oils as well as a mild mentholated cleanser to ensure your beard is clean, fresh and well-moisturised.

Soften Your Beard with Beard Balms

Looking how to get a soft beard fast? Add beard balms to your routine. Beard balms are great because they help you style your beard in the desired shape but also really pack in the moisture.

King C. Gillette’s Beard Balm contains nourishing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter which penetrate into your facial hair helping your prickly dry hair become soft and sleek.

If your mane is in dire need of a spa-session, use the balm as a leave-in conditioner or as a deep-conditioning beard mask. Simply leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off the old wiry dry you and say hello to soft, lush new facial hair!

Remember to Trim Your Beard

We all know about the benefits of trimming our hair. So why do so many of us give the beard trim a miss? Just like the hair on your head, facial hair can get split ends.

When the hair splits it will feel dryer to the touch and, if left untreated, will cause hair breakage.

Trim your beard regularly using sharp good quality scissors or a handy cordless trimmer like King C. Gillette’s Beard Trimmer to ensure you get a healthy, strong but also incredibly soft beard.

How to Keep Your Beard Soft

Man using beard softener oil on face | Gillette UK

It’s no use getting your beard soft if it goes back to being its dry old self within days. The key here is perseverance. Indeed, turning the mangy mane into the mighty moustache requires topping up the beard-washes and trims with a beard softener oil and balm.

Some men see the beard oil plus balm combination as hirsute heresy. We say it’s all about getting the right amount of each on your locks. Yes, we could draw up an equation for maximum beard softness, taking into consideration all variables, knowns and products. But we prefer to give beard aficionados the ultimate say.

So, if you want to experiment with beard softener oils, pick King C. Gillette’s Beard Oil which is packed with natural moisturising ingredients like grapeseed, sweet almond and argan oil. Simply dab the product on your hands or on a beard comb and brush it evenly through your facial hair and repeat once or twice a week to ensure your beard remains soft.

From Brittle Beards to Luscious Locks

Now that you know how to make beards soft, it’s a smooth ride from here! Simply keep up the good facial hair hygiene and remember to soften your beard with the right products and care routine.

How soft is your beard?



What causes dry beards?

Your environment, genes and day-to-day life may all contribute towards making your beard dry. If you live in very hot or cold dry climates, your beard will become drier. Likewise, if you suffer from dry skin, your beard will most likely lack moisture.

Beard Dandruff: The Lowdown

Be Your Best

Beard Dandruff: The Lowdown

2020-11-13 08:32:45By King C Gillette

How can I get rid of beard dandruff?

Beard dandruff can happen as a result of chronically dry skin. Use beard oils and balms to replenish and condition your beard and the dandruff should clear out leaving you with softer facial hair.

Why is my beard itchy?

The initial stages of growing a beard can cause itchiness. However, if it persists, one of the main causes of an itchy beard is dryness. Try conditioning it using mild beard shampoos and moisturising beard balms.




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