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How Often to Wash Your Beard

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Right, so you’re now rocking a swanky new beard. Perhaps you’re a first timer, we’re looking at you – lockdown beard growers! Or maybe you’re a beard connoisseur, looking to brush up on some all-important tache washing hot tips.

The thing is – beards are in again. Now, we don’t want to bore you with some in-depth analysis of why a society in crisis grows beards. No – we’ll leave that to others to surmise. Instead, we’ll look at what history might teach us about the mighty beard comeback.

First of all, the history of beards is most certainly patchy. We now all appreciate a big, rustic rugged Viking beard. But did you know that as a result of the Viking invasion of Britain, from circa 793 to 1066 AD, Englishmen decided to protest by going clean-shaven as a reaction to their bearded invaders?

History teaches us that beard trends come and go. What hasn’t changed though is the need to wash your beard. So, whether you’re a beard novice or a pro, read on as we’ll explain why your man-mane needs washing, how often you should wash a beard as well as what techniques work best for your style.

Why Should You Give your Beard a Wash?

If you think growing a beard is a sign of sloth-like inertia, think again. There’s nothing ‘lazy’ about beard-growing, in fact, it takes time, dedication and razor-sharp artistry. But with the right tools and techniques, looking after your beard should be a breeze!

Keeping your beard clean is not merely an aesthetic pursuit – although we will all agree that a well-groomed and cleaned tache can certainly spruce up appearances! Crucially, washing your beard can also help keep our skin clear by removing dust, dirt and other stubborn matter that might accumulate on a day-to-day basis.

How Often to Wash a Beard

In order to keep our beards in tip-top condition, we should wash them regularly. Regular hair shampoos or body washes can contain ingredients that are too harsh for our face and beard. Using products specifically designed with your beard in mind will ensure it stays healthy looking and well-maintained.

If you have a beard, it may be beneficial to swap your regular face wash for a combined face and beard wash like King C. Gillette’s Beard & Face Wash. Use it daily to keep your beard clean, healthy and moisturised.

How to Wash Your Beard

Let’s now focus on the cleansing act itself: how to wash your beard and get the best results. It’s all about finding that right balance. That sweet spot. A skilful collaboration between your skin’s natural protective barriers and your washing techniques. Here’s our top tips to keep your beard looking swish:

Choose the Best Beard Wash

A lot of men use the 3-in-1 formula, washing body, hair and face with one product. But when it comes down to your beard, using hair or body washes can be too harsh on your face skin.

A good beard wash should use mild cleansers to clean away the dirt and softening conditioners to lock in the hydration, ensuring your beard is smooth and shiny.

King C. Gillette’s Beard & Face Wash is a 2-in-1 formula designed especially for bearded men. Its hair conditioning technology with a touch of nourishing natural extracts like argan and avocado oil keeps your beard soft and its mild mentholated cleansers remove the dirt and leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed.

Nail that Beard Wash Technique

To get the perfect cleanse, make sure to use warm – never hot or too cold – water. Hot water may cause irritation to your skin.

Next, get a small coin sized amount of beard shampoo and lather it in your hands. Massage it with circular motions into your beard and use the tip of your fingers to scrub in deep ensuring all areas are lathered and that you reach the skin.

Finally, rinse out your beard using warm water. Make sure to rinse your beard well to remove any remaining product.

Master the Viking Beard Wash

Right, so we’ve already mentioned just how lush, thick and glorious Viking beards are. But do you know the secret to their luscious locks?

Straight after washing your beard – when it’s still damp – comb it using a wide-tooth comb to minimise breakage. Indeed, the trick is as simple as that!

The Vikings may be best known as boorish warriors but archaeological finds such as beard combs and beard jewellery reveal that the Vikings took great pride in their appearance, starting with great beard care.

Combing your beard ensures all beard tangles and knots are removed improving the overall appearance of your facial locks. If your beard is looking frizzy or a bit dry, add King C. Gillette’s Soft Beard Balm to your routine and comb the product in to style your beard in true Viking-style.

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Your Beard-Washing Care Guide

Whether you’re looking to keep that Viking-style mane well-groomed or help your shorter beard grow healthy and strong, now that you know how to wash your beard correctly, you’ll surely notice a difference in both texture and cleanliness.

So, how often will you wash your beard?


What is a beard wash?

A beard wash is a shampoo or cleanser designed specifically for washing your facial hair. Unlike hair shampoos, it is designed to condition and soften the hair whilst also leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

How should I brush my beard?

Brush your beard downwards in the direction of your hair growth starting from the sides and working your way down. You can also use a brush to help you fix your beard in the desired style.

How should I wash my Viking beard?

The Vikings were renowned for taking great care of their beards. Because Viking beards are full, extra care and attention must be given to ensure it stays healthy and clean. Wash your Viking beard regularly using beard shampoos or cleansers and don’t forget to condition it using beard balms and oils.

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