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It’s a common misconception that once you’ve grown an almighty beard, you no longer need to shave. However, it’s just as important for bearded guys to shave regularly as it is for men who prefer the clean-shaven look.

Regular shaving, trimming, grooming and styling are key for a majestic beard; whether yours is long or short, bushy or fine, statement or refined, you need a beard razor that’s up to the task.

At King C. Gillette, we’re enormously proud of our collection of innovative but timeless razors, inspired by the original safety razor launched by King Camp Gillette himself back in 1901, but with 21st century science bringing them up to standard for the modern beard.

There’s something for every beard style, shape and length in our collection. Find the best beard razor for you:

For a Neat, Trim Beard

If you prefer a shorter beard style or one that you like to keep as neat and trim as possible, meet the King C. Gillette Double Edge Razor.

This double-edge razor is modelled on King Camp Gillette’s original safety razor, but with innovative improvements:

  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Blades made from a sheet of steel so thin that it needs external support to give rigidity to its cutting edge
  • Platinum-coated blades for extra strength and durability
  • Anti-friction blades, meaning they can glide through facial hair with minimal resistance
  • Perforations in the centre of the blade help to accurately position it and securely clamp it in the razor
  • Ideal for clean-shaven areas and for creating precise edges

For the best results from the King C. Gillette Double Edge Razor, start by hydrating and softening your beard with our King C. Gillette Beard & Face Wash.

Then, apply our King C. Gillette Transparent Shave Gel in a circular motion and get to work, holding the razor at roughly a 30° angle to your skin, using light strokes and even pressure.

Beard Creeping Over Your Neck?

Never underestimate the importance of your beard neckline – find yours by using your index fingers to trace a line from your ear lobes to the centre of your chin. A good beard neckline can help to make your jawline look a lot more defined and stop your beard from taking over your face and neck completely.

Any excess facial hair growing on your neck should be kept neat and trimmed, but the skin here can be very sensitive, so you need a razor that’s designed with this in mind; enter the King C. Gillette Neck Razor.

This specially designed neck razor features Gillette’s expert skinguard technology, to provide welcome extra protection in between the blade and your skin, helping to prevent painful razor burn, itching, stinging and redness after shaving.

The King C. Gillette Neck Razor has an in-built edging blade too; just turn the razor over when you’ve finished shaving to create sharp, precise edges.

For a Sharp, Defined Beard

Some beard styles are a true work of art and require sharp-looking, clean-shaven areas around the statement facial hair. You need a razor that can provide a close shave where you need it, but with crisp, precise edges to frame your beard and moustache to perfection – meet the King C. Gillette Shave & Edging Razor.

This innovative razor combines Gillette’s iconic five-bladed technology with a lubricating strip to give you a clean, comfortable shave, and there’s a single edging blade at the back of the cartridge so you can add an extra touch of finesse to your signature facial hair.

For a Straggly-Looking Beard

Growing a full beard is an achievement to be proud of, but it needs just as much careful grooming as a shorter beard. A statement beard should be sharp, neat and slick-looking – and definitely not straggly.

The King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer is the perfect tool for keeping your facial hair looking as neat and well-groomed as possible.

Powered by Braun trimming know-how and technology, our beard trimmer offers the choice of three combs and 11 different lengths, making it incredibly versatile should you fancy changing up your look. It also runs on cordless power and its blades are designed to last a lifetime – everything you could want from your go-to trimming tool.

Remember that shaving and trimming are only a small part of the beard grooming process. Learn more about beard care from the pros at King C. Gillette.

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